Exploring a kingdom exurb

There's something wrong in the world today but I know what it is.  Something is wrong with my map!  I'm in the kingdom exurb of Waconia.  A rare non-metro appearance and my first visit to this gym.  The #5AAA Wildcats taking on Breck in a non-conference game.  Sparse Breck crowd, respectable Waconia fan following.  Early arrival means the hot dogs not quite ready.  Microwave and bad bun so not good.  But Pepsi products means only the 2nd appearance of Mug Root Beer of the season.  That is outstanding.

Song of the Day:
Aerosmith - Livin on the Edge
Number of Teams I've Seen: 153 (59 courts, 2 new, 2 TV games, 119 varsity games)

Beverage Ticker: 768 ounces (6670 calories) + 7.5 liters (1170 calories)
  • Pepsi: 344 ounces (4050 Calories) + 2 liters (840 Calories)
  • Coke: 68 ounces (800 Calories)+ 500 ml (200 Calories)
  • Dr Pepper: 60 ounces (750 Calories) 
  • Mug Root Beer: 40 ounces (520 Calories)
  • Sprite: 36 ounces (420 Calories)
  • Water: 4.5 Liters + 200 ounces (0 Calories)
  • Gatorade: 500 ml (40 Calories) + 20 oz (130 calories)
Hot Dog Ticker: 16
Pizza Ticker: 11
Walking Taco Ticker: 9
Pork Sandwich Ticker: 5

Game Time:
Story of the night is Waconia guard Josh Rands.  He buries a2 3s, takes a turnover for a layup and scores another tough hoop.  Then a transition 3 and a floater to convert a BLOB.  Rands scores 15 of the first 17 Waconia points.  Joey Korteum takes a steal for 2 and its 19-6 Waconia at the 10 minute mark.  Korteum adds a triple for a 27-13 lead at 7:20.  Quinlan Faeth off the Breck bench for 3, a nice weave set for frosh star David Roddy and a Justin Bergerson putback cut the lead to 27-20.  Waconia finishes the half on a 13-3 run.  Korteum, Rands and Connor Schultz all with 3s and the bigs add a pair of jumpers.  40-23 Waconia at the break.  Josh Rands with 18 and 4 triples.

Rands keeps it going by scoring off 2 more turnovers, cutting for a layup and knocking down a 3 for the 1st 9 Waconia points of the 2nd half.  49-24 Waconia at the 14:42 mark.  Gotta have Faeth for 3 and a Roddy 3 point play if you're Breck.  53-39 Waconia with 8:44 left.  Rands with another triple to push the lead back to 19, 62-43 with 6:44 left.  Rands adds 1 more hoop to his big night.  Waconia wins 74-58.

Post Game:
Northwestern FB commit Ramaud Chiaokhiao-Bowman leads Breck with 18 points.  David Roddy 14, Justin Bergerson 10.  Miles Olowu nice minutes giving 9 points as a backup center.  But they did a really poor job of getting to 3 point shooters, a Waconia strength.  Breck falls to 13-9 overall and remains 7-2 in the IMAC.  A brutally tough week continues with a trip to St. Paul Academy on Wednesday and they host 19-4 Annandale on Friday.  That could be enough to open the door to Brooklyn Center taking the top seed in 5AA East.

Waconia improves to 19-6 overall and remains 6-3 in the Wright County East.  They host division leader New Prague in the season finale on Friday.  Josh Rands another huge night with 6 triples and 34 points.  Joey Kortuem adds 12 with a pair of 3s.  They did a fair job keep the ball out of the post and forced a bunch of turnovers.  When they shoot it well, this team is very dangerous.  A classic live and die by the 3 team.  Assuming all holds, I would give Waconia the 3 seed in 6AAA.  I think the worst they do is 4 as they'll end up ahead of Henry and Orono.  Those 2 could be playing for the 5 seed tomorrow.

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