2016-17 Minnesota Opener

Time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin... into the future.  Year 10 is underway in Minnesota as I travel to Totino-Grace to see the Eagles take on Minneapolis Southwest.  In an incredible bit of bad luck, the 1st person I saw in the gym was none other than John Lithgow.  After missing him for almost all of last year, I get him on opening night.  I'm cursed.  But I wasn't cursed at the concession stand thanks to an outstanding pulled pork sandwich with free chips thrown in by the hard working Totino-Grace parents.  3 members of the Totino-Grace rotation just got started yesterday thanks to their football state championship.  Would that have any impact?  Today's song is a bit of swerve from our usual bit.  I did see the Steve Miller Band perform Fly Like An Eagle in person this summer and it was played after the game.  But I'm going to go with another song from the game that I saw in person recently as well.

Song of the Day
Rick Springfield - Jesse's Girl 
Question: What if Jesse's Girl was Stacy's Mom and her number was 867-5309?
Springfield did a hilarious take on this in concert.

Number of Teams I've Seen: 14 (3 courts)

Beverage Ticker: 72 ounces (740 Calories)
11 days, 7 game, 2 scrimmages added on

  • Pepsi: 40 ounces (500 calories)
  • Red Gatorade: 32 ounces (240 calories)
Hot Dog Ticker: 1
Walking Taco Ticker: 1

Game Time:
Its a good start for Minneapolis Southwest.  Their star forward Brennan Hawkins scores right before a dicey Lithgow call against TG star Rocky Kreuser trying to gain post position.  That sends Kreuser to the bench with 2 foul just 3 minutes in.  Hawkins then buries a 3 and converts 3 the old fashion way.  9-4 Southwest just 3:35 into the game.  But Hawkins picks up his 2nd right after that and has to sit.  Totino-Grace gains some momentum which forces Hawkins to come back in.  But he picks up a quick 3rd at the 10:30 mark and is done for the half with the Lakers down by 4.  Totino-Grace goes on the game clinching run from there.  Kreuser with 2 layups.  Nate Kavolak with a transition 3.  Kreuser takes a kickout and buries a 3 and then runs out for a dunk.  All told Minneapolis Southwest goes 8:15 without a field goal which leads to a 25-2 Eagles run over 7 minutes.  41-15 Totino-Grace on top late in the 1st half after the initial 9-4 deficit.  Kreuser would pick up 2 quick fouls to sit with 4 fouls at the 14:22 mark but this one is never in doubt.  The lead was down to 21 with 12:25 to go but another big Totino-Grace run pushes the lead to 40 and gets the game to running time with 7:14 left.  Totino-Grace rolls to an 85-50 win.
Post Game
Junior Niko Polydorou leads Minneapolis Southwest with 13 points.  Ari Bogen-Groce with 11 and Brennan Hawkins with 10.  Minneapolis Southwest really saw their offense bog down with Hawkins being in foul trouble.  The Lakers fall to 0-1.  They get the early start to Minneapolis City play with their next 4 games being in conference.  South and Washburn visit next week, then the following week its a trip to Henry and a visit from Roosevelt.

Totino-Grace puts 4 in double figures.  Rocky Kreuser with 18, Charlie Jacob with 15 and Braeden Mischke with 11.  Nick Flottmeier with a great night off the bench with 19 points.  Loved his energy on both ends.  He had to fill in the starting lineup in the 2nd half due to a Tyler Kittelson injury.  Kreuser got his despite foul trouble.  Jacob and Mischke also very aggressive attacking.  The Eagles open 1-0 and have a tough trip to Minnehaha on Tuesday.

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