07-08 Rules Emphasis

As many of you know, the MSHSL has put an emphasis on contact this season saying the game has gotten too rough (see the Boys BB page on the MSHSL site for a link to the details). I saw my 1st Minnesota game of the season (TG at AHA, game 8 overall) last night and this emphasis is brutal. 50 fouls and a ton of FT, 90 minute game time and absolutely no flow to the game. Everything and I mean absolutely everything on the ball was called. But with a 2 man crew, the off the ball stuff wasn't getting called (like chucking cutters). I predicted this would happen, but its even worse than I thought. Teams were in the bonus halfway thru the half. As an example, Cooper shot 14-32 from the line last night in a 46-45 game. (I'll watch that game on tape this week). Also saw that Minneapolis South went 39-47 from the line in their game to put up 91 pts.

Most fans don't know about the new emphasis so its going to be interesting. The City schools are going to go nuts with this as street ball allows muggings. I'm guessing 5 technicals is the Over/Under for the 1st Henry game as they just mug people.

Simply put, this is the worst rule "change" that the game has seen since the idiot rule to make people on the FT lane stay out until the ball hits the rim.

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