2 month QRF checkup

Here we are at the 2/3rds mark of the season as the 2nd month of play has completed. As promised, here is the 2 month QRF checkup. I'll do the last one the week of March 10th after the final regular season QRF is released. So that you have an idea of what was the numbers showed before, you can read the 1 month QRF checkup here.

The official QRFs are released on Monday's, but there are interim ones released during the week. For this analysis, I'm using the Feb 8th QRFs so that we have the Feb 7th games included. A couple of other points of view on this that I think are worth noting. Because I'm talking about the section, I include all teams in my analysis as listed in MN-Scores in their section standings. You can make a case for at least 2 other points of view. The first is to only include teams that have a legit shot at the section title, such as the top 4 or 8 teams (pick your number). The other point is specific to 4A as there are schools that are part of my analysis that won't be playing in the tournament for whatever reason. I think that's a compelling argument for removing them from the analysis. I don't know exactly who they are so I can't do it accurately. So now that we have the groundwork, let's crunch some numbers.

4A: Average QRF rank, 85 (4th) up from 99.18 (8th), best QRF average is still 3A up to 67.91 from 72.52. Section 7A drops to last with an average of 104.68 (7 teams 158+). Why 4A's improvement? As predicted, MN Transitions (53 to 23) and St. Agnes (63 to 40) both made big moves up as did New Life Academy who jumped from 68 to 32. To my surprise CHOF only drops 1 spot to #7 and MCA moves from 8 to 6. But last time there were 8 teams below 140, now there are only 6. The East subsection has 4 teams at 40 or better, Oh Day Aki at 104 and then everyone else below 140. In contrast, the West subsection section only has 1 team below 106. I'll admit I stuffed my foot in my mouth with saying 4A was worst before the season. That's what I get for not doing my homework. I can't imagine 4A falling below 7A at this point.

4AA: Average QRF rank, 71.53 (8th) down from 65.59 4th in 2A. 3AA was 7th at 70.81. Best QRF average 5AA 56.12. On Jan 7th, 4AA had 8 of the top 33 teams, it only has 5 now.

Class AAA: Best by far is 6AAA at 20.75 with DeLaSalle being 7-2 after their 0-7 start. 7AAA is still worst at 44.88 (unchanged from 1 month). 3AAA was still 2nd (28.5 to 28.13 before), 4AAA drops to 7th from 6th and 1AAA moves up to 5th from 7th (34 to 31.5) thanks to New Prague and Red Wing. 5AAA is still 4th with Princeton and STMA.

Class AAAA: 6AAAA is still the strongest improving from 26.63 to 24.13 as Wayzata and Armstrong continue to impress. 1AAAA is still the weakest dropping to 44.38 from 43. 2AAAA moves from 4th to 2nd (29.5 to 25.63), 3AAAA stays at 6th (34.38 to 35). 4AAAA drops from 2nd to 3rd despite an improvement from 27.5 to 27.13 but Tartan and Central have dropped off their earlier pace. 5AAAA drops from 3rd to 4th (29.13 to 29.5) as Park Center drops down and Champlin Park moves up. 7AAAA stays at 7th but drops like a rock from 36.5 to 43.25 with no team above 29. That section is so wide open that I'm now officially on the Blaine bandwagon. I'm going on the theory that players win games and they have 2 of the best in the section in Kyle Kreklow and Dylan Rodriguez and a lot of their losses are close ones so I think they can beat anybody in that section. Section 8 stays at 5th but moves up from 33.38 to 30.88 as that section has 5 teams between 13 and 22. St. Cloud Tech in the drivers seat there as they have wins at Moorhead and vs Buffalo their nearest 2 competitors for the 1 seed.

That's how the numbers are today, lots to change in the last month. Next analysis with the final regular season QRFs in March.

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