Brooklyn Center at DeLaSalle observations

Game #107 of the 07-08 season takes the Czar to DLS under the theory that if there's no outstanding game, you go see an outstanding player (i.e. Royce White). Brooklyn Center won the 1st matchup by one at BC sans Royce, but tonight with Royce back, no chance. BC hits 1 outside shot in the 1st 10 minutes. Royce gets yanked for a quick jumper and sits a couple of minutes during this time but no matter. Late in the half, Royce really takes over. He gets a post up for a dunk to make it 28-12 DLS @4:54. He finds Jalen Jaspers for 2 of his 6 straight (which he finished with a dunk) and then another dunk of his own to make it 36-16 @ 2:24 and he finds Jaspers again right before the half. DLS goes to the break with a commanding 42-18 lead. Royce with 13 and numerous assists (direct or indirect). Jaspers with 10, all on easy layups mostly thanks to Royce, he's doing a terrific job making himself available close to the rim. Bryce Hawkins with 8. Tyrese Chambers leads BC with 6 on 3 prayers.

To start the 2nd half, Royce gets a layup, and finds Jaspers for another layup. Dwight Potter gets 5 in a row to make it 46-25 @ 15:12. Royce starts a run with a nice flash to 7 ft for 2 and then a pretty dunk from Tim Swords. Hawkins with a layup from Royce and then 2 of his own on the post to be a part of the 1st 10 DLS points of the half. Hawkins gets 2 more on a 4th attempt (2 missed bunnies from Royce and then he puts back his own missed bunny) to extend the lead to 61-26 @ 11:17. The DLS run is 15-1 over 4 minutes and Royce's evening is done. The rest is garbage time. DLS wins 78-51.

BC just came down and jacked up quick shots during their miserable 1st half. DeAngelo Potter leads them with 12. Freddie Young with only 1 of 2 FTs for his 1 point. They've now lost 7 of 9 and only beaten MPA and SPA during that stretch. This follows 8 wins in a row that started with the DLS win and finished with the upset of Concordia. More and more it looks like they'll fall to the #4 seed in 4AA West, but with Edison now losing 4 in a row, you never know.

Royce White with a huge offensive night with 21 pts and made the offense go. While he is the offensive star, I'd like to see more intensity on the defensive end. Jalen Jaspers with a really good game of 14 pts and Bryce Hawkins with 12. DLS back to 500 at 10-10. The seeding discussion in section 6AAA is going to be real interesting for them. I could stretch them to the 2 seed (which would not make AHA happy) or I could see them falling to #6. More likely they'll be somewhere inbetween. How interesting and ironic would a 4 vs 5 Orono/DLS rematch be? Jeremy Randle with the late layup last year to win that one.

Also congrats to coach Thorson on the birth of his child. I'm sure his kid will be doing perfect defensive slides by age 3. I'd pay money to see the kid's 1st words be "4 motion!, 4 motion!"

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