Facebook pages for local players

It has come to my attention that Facebook pages for local players were created by someone other than the players themselves and linked to this site. Those pages gave the impression that I created them for purposes of promotion this site. I did not create, support, request or have any involvement with those pages. I do not use Facebook or any other social networking site. If I did, you would already see the links on the site. The only way I actively promote this site is on the Minnesota Preps boys basketball forum. I have their consent to do that, but even then I don't always use it because of the ethical questions. Other than that, the only promotion I do is when I talk to fans at games. So if you see any other instances of issues like this, please bring them to my attention. Those pages were a violation of the Facebook Terms of Use and have been removed. I fully support the removal of those pages. I also offer my apologies to the players affected by this.

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