Memorial Day AAU action

Should be a fun Memorial Day weekend for many of the local teams. Howard Pulley has elite squads in Nashville for the big Nike event and Net Gain Sports is at the big Bob Gibbons event in Chapel Hill. Locally, Menomonie, WI is a good place to be. The 15U division has a MN Magic team (Elites?) and I believe a very good Randolph, WI 15U team is playing in the same pool. The MN Fury 15s appear to be playing in the next division up.

The 16U Gold division showcases plenty of local talent. In 1 pool you've got the TNL Express (Jasper Duberry, Elijah Sabah, Jauson Sewer, Kyle Zimmerman etc), MN Fury-North (Josh Hanson, Jay Higgins, Michael Lindberg etc) and Wear Out the Net (Drew Swanson of Lake City highlights that squad). In the other pool, you've got the MN Fury-South (Darry Jones, Santano Rosario etc) and MN Xplosion (Josh Pella etc). If the TNL Express and MN Fury-South hook up that could be a real war and a preview of the AAU championships in 2 weeks.

The MN Fury 17s are also in action with Erik Olson, Noah Sheppard and Josh Hibbison in a 5 team bracket.


  1. Czar are you coming down ... it would be great to see you.

  2. I'll be on that side of the river, but I'll be at the Old Kingdom's Palace for the holiday weekend before the Emperor and I leave for 3 days of fishing next week.

    Should be a fun event in Menomonie, I look forward to reading your site to see how you did. Do you have any updates on the injury situation for your guys last weekend in Cedar Rapids? Sounded like you were pretty shorthanded for those last 2 games.

  3. Czar we played shorthanded ALL weekend (not that we are using that as an excuse)and will again this weekend. I applaud our 15's that played up, they just recieved the #3 seed for the MYAS state tournament, they are FUN to watch. We played WITHOUT 5 players (Doug, Zach, Ollie, Alex and Jasper played limited minutes every other game). We played a very tough team out of Omaha that is LOADED, hopefully we will see them again in Florida. This weekend we will have Ollie and Alex back (Doug, Zach and Jasper are still out) so we will see what happens. I'm looking forward to the others stepping up. Enjoy this fish!


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