Results of AAU poll questions and Memorial Day tourneys

Thanks to all who voted in the 2 poll questions that I posted this week. 60% said that it would help Tubby's recruiting if the big local AAU events were moved to the U of M. Personally, I miss the days when the 17U portion of the Sabes Invite was at Williams Arena and the Sports Pavilion. This question came up because this appears to have been a worthwhile factor for Arizona last year with Brandon Jennings (top PG in 2008 class) and with 2009 stud Renardo Sidney both showing that it had influence on them after they appeared at the Cactus Classic AAU event at the U of Arizona. Nothing like a "coincidental" unofficial visit.

Lots of discussion recently about grades and missing school time prompted the 2nd poll question. In terms of yes/no votes, there was an even split (26 yes/25 no) with what I like as an answer chosen by 11 people, depends on the athlete. I'm of the opinion that if a student has demonstrated they can do the student-athlete thing and keep up on the academics, let them do it. If not, then academics have to be the priority. Is missing a day of class ideal, no, but if it can be managed then I can accept it.

As to Memorial Day results, there were a few local teams at the Menomonie, WI event. Here's how they did.

14U/15U section, MN Magic Blue 4-0 pool, 2nd place bracket.

15U/16U section, MN Fury 3-0 pool, East Metro 2-2 pool (Fury def East Metro 77-65). MN Fury 2nd place

16U Gold section. Pool A: TNL Express 3-0, Wear Out the Net 1-2, MN Fury-North 2-1 (Fury N def Wear Out the Net 63-61, TNL over Fury North 86-55, TNL over Wear Out the Net 81-67)
Pool B: MN Fury South 3-0, MN Xplosion 2-1 (Fury def Xplosion 56-30).
Fury South over Fury North 89-65 for 5th place. Wear Out the Net was playing for 3rd.
The battle of Champlin for 1st between TNL Express and the MN Xplosion.

In the 17U section, the MN Fury squad finished 2nd.

In Nashville at the big Nike event, Howard Pulley 17s and 16s each went 2-2 , 15U went 0-3 + a forfeit win. No word on Net Gain at the Bob Gobbins Tournament of Champions in Chapel Hill.

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