MN AAU Boys District Championship Preview 15U

This is the 1st in a series of 3 previews of the MN AAU Boys District Championship at Bloomington Jefferson this weekend. We begin with the 15U division.

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  • 1-4: 43 Hoops Carr, MN Heat Elite, MN Magic Elite, MN Fury
  • 5-8: MN Magic Black, MN Glory, SW MN Heat, MN Comets
  • 9-14: Central Flyers, MN Select, Team Minnesota, 43 Hoops Amundson, MN Magic Blue, Old Skool MIN
Schedule: (click here for a bracket)
  • Opening round, Saturday 9:00 AM courts 1-6
  • Quarterfinals, Saturday 11:40 AM and 1:00 PM courts 6 and 7
  • Semifinals, Sunday 9:30 AM courts 1 and 2
  • Championship, Sunday 12:10 PM Court 1
  • 3rd Place, Sunday 12:10 PM Court 3
  • 5th Place, Sunday 2:50 PM Court 5
Chris Carr's loaded 43 Hoops 15U squad makes a local appearance. Too bad that their top 16 and 17 squads aren't also playing here, but that's another issue for another time. Absolutely loaded with Jameson Parsons of Eagan, Freddie Young of BC, Estan Tyler of Johnson, Jordan Smith of Orono and Jake White of Mayer Lutheran just to name a few. MN Heat Elite with the Preiner twins from Tartan get the #2 seed in a slight surprise. MN Magic Elite are dangerous at #3 as they proved by winning the Festival of Champions last weekend in Ames, IA. But the Magic Elites won't have an easy go of it. The quarterfinal matchup with the winner of the 6 vs 11 game (MN Glory vs Team Minnesota) is very dangerous regardless of who they play. Unfortunately we won't get to see the MN Wrath squad, they're playing up in a 16U MYAS pool in Delano. They'd be a very dangerous mid-level seed here.

Players to Watch:
  • Jordan Smith (Orono) - 43 Hoops Carr
  • Jake White (Mayer Lutheran) - 43 Hoops Carr
  • Drew and Luke Preiner (Tartan)- MN Heat Elite
  • Kyle Noreen (MTS) - Magic Elite
  • Jonah Travis (DLS) - Magic Elite
  • Will Iverson (Elk River) - MN Fury
  • Opening Round: MN Comets over Central Flyers in the 8 vs 9 game, MN Fury over Old Skool (4 vs 13), Magic Black over 43 Hoops Amundson in a close 5 vs 12 battle (gotta love those 5 vs 12 games), MN Select over SW MN Heat in the 7 vs 10 game. Magic Elite over Magic Blue in the 3 vs 14 game, Team MN over MN Glory in the upset in the 6 vs 11 game.
  • Quarters: 43 Hoops over MN Comets, Magic Black over MN Fury, MN Heat over MN Select, Magic Elite over Team Minnesota
  • Semifinals: 43 Hoops over Magic Black, Magic Elite over MN Heat
  • Title game: 43 Hoops over Magic Elite
  • 3rd place: MN Heat over Magic Black


  1. I personally think that Mn Heat will take home the gold this weekend. Mn Heat is really deep. Here are some other players to watch for from that team:

    Vincent Calistro (Irondale) - He has great size and very versatile. He went up against Marvin Singleton last year and held him to 10 points.

    Phil Hegseth (Forest Lake) - Lights out shooter. If you leave him open he will sink his shots.

    Rob Daul (Hill Murray) - He is very versatile. He plays post but his outside game is incredible. He can hit the three and attack the basket.

    Alex Richter (Lakeville South) - The kid is a rebounding machine. Averaged about 15 boards per game during the high-school season. He can also score. He averaged 20 points per game during the season

  2. Thank you Baller, I haven't see you guys play yet and am looking forward to it. Should be fun if the brackets hold with that semifinal vs the Magic Elites. Will you have your full roster this weekend (as posted on your website?)

    For the record Richter averaged 6.2 PPG this season in varsity play which would make bigger numbers at a lower level logical.

  3. On your players to watch you did not mention, Jordan Gieske from the Comets who was very under used, and can score almost every time he touches the ball.
    Also, Brandon Sawyer from the Flyers, #23 can light it up, and also shut down Kyle Noreen to only 4 points when they met, while dropping 18 on the Magic Elite.
    And both players play with great intensity.

  4. And I forgot to mention that Gieske is from Sartell, and Sawyer from Melrose, and let me tell you these 2 are some of the better players I have seen around, and I have seen a lot of games.


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