MN AAU Boys District Championship Preview 17U

This is the 3rd in a series of 3 previews of the MN AAU Boys District Championship at Bloomington Jefferson this weekend. We'll do the 17U top division here.

Click here to read the 15U preview.
Click here to read the 16U preview.

  • 1-4: MN Magic Robertson, MN Glory, MN Fury, MN Select Kruger
  • 5-8: MN Magic Superfriends, MN Comets Elite, MSB, MN Select DeKok
  • 9-11: MN Comets North, MN Comets Stars, MN Magic Stars
Schedule: (click here for a bracket)
  • Opening round: Saturday 1:00 PM Courts 1-3
  • Quarterfinals: Saturday 6:20 PM Courts 1-4
  • Semifinals: Sunday 10:50 AM Courts 3 and 4
  • Championship: Sunday 2:50 PM Court 3
  • 3rd Place: Sunday 1:30 PM Court 3
  • 5th Place: Sunday 12:10 PM Court 3
Deep bracket here as well. MSB dangerous at #7 with their inside play, MN Comets Elite at #6 are very dangerous with Nate Wolters leading the way. If Magic Stars show up with everybody, they're much better than the #11 seed but they haven't shown it on the court yet. Plenty of fun games and players to watch.

Players to Watch:
  • Trent Davis (St. Bernard's), Shaun Jensen (Spring Lake Park), Carlos Emory (Eastview), Caleb Palkert (SW Christian), Averey Duncan (St. Bernard's), Emmanuel Addo (Northfield) - Magic Robertson
  • Matt Zager (Shakopee), Josh Figini (Chisago Lakes), Charlie Baker (Eagan) - MN Glory
  • Erik Olsen (Buffalo), Noah Sheppard (Washburn), Josh Hibbison (Monticello) - MN Fury
  • Maurice Hernandez (Sibley), Justin Harding (Mounds View), Bo Shiffler (Woodbury), Dan Carroll (Mounds View) and Tall Kid Tall (Alex Miller BSM) - MN Select Kruger
  • Greg Meyer, David Burnham and Taylor Sparkman (Minnehaha), Chris Breuer (SCL), Isaiah Thomas (Fridley), Renard Robinson (Richfield) - Magic Superfriends
  • Nate Wolters (St. Cloud Tech), Andre Garth (St. Cloud Apollo), Eric Shulstad (Pelican Rapids) - Comets Elite
  • Mike Muscala (Roseville), David Berthene (Lakeville N), Josh Zitzmann (Farmington), Bonzi Wells (Sahr Ngekia AHA)- MSB Roadrunners
  • Justin Segal (BSM), Chris Neumann (LP/HT) - MN Select DeKok
  • Jonah Dahlman (Braham), Jared Sutherland and Matt Sjostrand (Grand Rapids)-Comets North
  • Braden Johnson (Cambridge-Isanti), Grant Spark (Spectrum)-Comets Stars
  • Ethan Wragge (Eden Prairie), Billy Giddings (Blaine), Jack Gavin (Elk River), Will Deberg (Edina) - Magic Stars
  • Opening Round: MN Select DeKok over Comets North (8 vs 9), MSB over Comets Stars (7 vs 10), Comets Elite over Magic Stars (6 over 11) in a game that is much better than the seeding indicates.
  • Quarterfinals: Magic Robertson over Select DeKok (1 vs 8), Magic Superfriends "upset" MN Select Kruger in a terrific 4 vs 5 game, MN Glory over MSB (2 vs 7), MN Comets Elite upset MN Fury (3 vs 6)
  • Semifinals: Magic Robertson over Magic Superfriends (1 vs 5), Glory over Comets Elite in a terrific 2 vs 6 game.
  • Title game: Magic Robertson def MN Glory
  • 3rd place: Comets Elite over Magic Superfriends

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