East Metro Showcase Pairings Announced

From Wishoops.net, the East Metro Showcase pairings have been announced. On the bad side these games are the same day as the Border Battle. On the good side, both events are entirely MN vs WI games which is appealing. I'm a believer that the East Metro Showcase is just as good an event as the Border Battle and that's a tribute to what Vern Simmons (Johnson coach) has done with it. If you don't want to make the trip to Owatonna, the East Metro Showcase is definitely a worthy local alternative. Here are this year's pairings. All games are at Johnson Friday January 23, 2009 and Saturday January 24th, 2009

Milwaukee NW vs Johnson, 4 PM
Milwaukee Marshall vs Arlington 6 PM
Milwaukee Vincent vs Hopkins 8 PM

Barron, WI vs Richfield, 10 AM
Milwaukee NW vs Central, Noon
Milwaukee Marshall vs Washburn, 2 PM
La Crosse Aquinas vs Hopkins, 4 PM
Milwaukee Vincent vs Eastview, 6 PM
Milwaukee Lutheran vs Wayzata, 8 PM

Vincent brings in the #1 WI 2011 player Larry Bradley. (Czar's Note 11/10/08: Bradley has since transferred but Michael Weems is one of many talented players for Vincent). Chim Kadima is the #4 2010 WI player for Milwaukee Lutheran. He's just returning from a bad knee injury. Jimmy Whitehead is the #12 2009 WI player for Aquinas. Its no secret I'm a La Crosse guy and Aquinas has 2 great wins in this event over the last 2 years (Woodbury 2007, Eastview 2008 in OT), but I'm absolutely shocked they're playing Hopkins. Credit to Coach Schneider for taking this game and playing a tough schedule as usual, but this isn't 2007 or 2008 where they're playing just another highly ranked 4A MN team like the last 2 years. Finally we see Hopkins vs Vincent in a battle of the very best basketball traditions in both states. It'll be interesting to see Vincent now that legendary coach Tom Diener has left the program. Milwaukee NW is a pretty new school but they have a terrific basketball program. Don't overlook their 2 games vs Johnson and Central.

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