Schedule for 4th week of 2008 fall leagues

The MBA league has posted their week 3 schedule (use the link for the MBA league on the Fall Leagues page to view it). 3 very nice games on the schedule include Armstrong vs Redhawks, Sibley vs Hoops Training and Redhawks vs Hoops Training. Hoops Training features Ellsworth's Trevor Gruis . They're 3-1 in this league and should be 4-0 after losing a 25-8 lead vs Armstrong in their last game. The competition ramps up this week with those 2 tough games. Those MBA games are Saturday at Minnehaha Academy.

On Sunday, the Magic league has this schedule (note: the schedule I used last week was changed at the door, so if you attend, check at the entry table for updates). All games at Jefferson.

Noon: Titans vs Prior Lake - Ct 2
Noon: Transitions I vs Transitions II - Ct 3
1 PM: Prior Lake vs BSM - Ct 2
1 PM: Transitions I vs Chaska - Ct 3
2 PM: Titans vs Como Park - Ct 2
2 PM: Transitions II vs Belle Plaine - Ct 3
2 PM: Eagan vs BSM - Ct 4
3 PM: Bethany vs Eden Prairie - Ct 2
3 PM: PL Hoops vs Watertown - Ct 3
3 PM: Eagan vs Chaska - Ct 4
4 PM: Titans vs Raiders - Ct 2
4 PM: Como Park vs Belle Plaine - Ct 3
4 PM: Transitions II vs TBA - Ct 5
5 PM: Bethany vs PL Hoops - Ct 2
5 PM: Eden Prairie vs Watertown - Ct 3
5 PM: Transitions II vs TBA - Ct 5

But the game of the day is in the MYAS Minnetonka league. Mustangs (Noreens and Caleb Palkert) taking on Mpls Gamblers (Rodney Williams and company). That game is at 10:50 AM Sunday morning on Minnetonka court 2.


  1. Hi!
    Just as an fyi - no Caleb Palkert on the Mustangs...

    Kevin & Kyle Noreen
    Jerrell (?) from MTS
    Michael (?) from Delano
    Cyane(sp?) Chambers an amazing Freshman from Hopkins
    Isaiah Thomas from Fridley
    Milos Ristanovic from Maranathat/Mtka.

  2. Thank you aminah for that info. I'm guessing that's Mike Yahnke from Delano (Magic 15 Elites played with Kyle).

    Siyani Chambers from Hopkins is terrific. Nice to see Isaiah with that squad.

  3. Thanks Kevin! :)
    Oh, one other player, sorry to have left him off, Jonah (Travis?) from DeLaSalle plays for the Mustangs as well.
    So we will see you on Sunday?

  4. Jonah Travis indeed. Another nice pickup. This team is far better than the one he plays with on Saturdays.

    Don't know if I'll make it out there or not. I wish that game was an earlier start but there's not much they can do with the clinic that's going on there. Still trying to figure out the logistics of doing Tonka and the games at Jefferson.

  5. Decisions Decisions! ;)
    If you decide on Jefferson after all, perhaps we'll see you there later.

    The Mustangs (- Jonah) play as the "Raiders" for in addition to the 2 games @ Mtka. we'll play at 4pm @ Jefferson.

    One can NEVER get *enough* basketball! :)

  6. Exactly right! I couldn't have said it better myself.

    That game vs Titans at 4 PM is HUGE (with or without Marshall Bjorklund for the Titans).

  7. Are you sure that Hoops Training has Trevor Gruis from Ellsworth playing with them?

  8. He played with them 2 weeks ago and is listed on their website as being part of the roster.

  9. Thanks for the info. Haven't heard anything about him since the state championship game so I was kind of surprised.


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