Week 5 Schedule for 2008 Magic Fall League

Here is the schedule for the games in the Magic Fall League this weekend. All games at Bloomington Jefferson. As always check the table for schedule changes.

Saturday (All games on Court 2)
3 PM: BSM vs Watertown
4 PM: BSM vs Raiders
5 PM: Watertown vs Raiders

12 PM: Raiders vs Prior Lake - Ct 3
1 PM: Raiders vs Eagan - Ct 3
1 PM: Prior Lake vs Eden Prairie - Ct 4
2 PM: Belle Plaine vs Eagan - Ct 3
2 PM: PL Hoops vs TBA - Ct 4
3 PM: Como Park vs Chaska - Ct 3
3 PM: Belle Plaine vs PL Hoops - Ct 4
3 PM: Eden Prairie vs TBA - Ct 5
4 PM: Como Park vs Transitions I - Ct 3
5 PM: Chaska vs Transitions I - Ct 3

Games to watch are the 4 PM Raiders vs BSM game and both Raiders games on Sunday. In the later sessions on Sunday, watch #21 Jordan Jackson for Como Park. He's played well in this event. Also watch #24 Reggie Ray, the junior lefty could be a nice player for them this year. He was impressive in the Twin Cities JV game in March (read about it here).

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