Week 1 of the Concordia Fall League

A very interesting day at Concordia. Former Como Park head coach Dan Brink in the building.

Opening session had Woodbury taking on Centennial. Woodbury turned into a MASH unit very quickly as they lost 1 player to a cut and shortly after another player rolled an ankle. The lack of bench hurt as Woodbury was dragging in the last 2 periods. Nick Quicksell with 24 points on the day. When he was going, Woodbury was in it. When he wasn't, Centennial ran away with things. Woodbury won the opening period with a putback at the horn, got blown out in the 2nd period and lost the 3rd session after Quicksell tried to bring them back from an 11 point deficit.

Owatonna played a very entertaining game vs Holy Angels. Owatonna knocked down a 3 at the horn to win the 1st period. In the 2nd period, Sahr Ngekia got the 1st 5 points for AHA but Owatonna used a 10-2 to get back in the period. They finish the period with a layup with 30 seconds remaining to win that period 21-19. AHA runs away with the 3rd period 21-12. Vaughn Thada who played with Magic 15 Elites this summer with 13 points on the day and a nice job on the defensive end.

Minnehaha Academy got down 9-0 in the 1st period of their game with Owatonna, but came back with a run to tie the 1st period 21 all. Greg Meyer with 2 dunks in an 11-0 run to start the 2nd period. Owatonna got with 13-12 but the Redhawks put the period away with the next 7 points. 22-16 Minnehaha wins the 2nd and they win the 3rd 22-15.

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