The Czar's initial list of 2012 prospects

Here's a list of some of the metro freshmen that I think will be names to watch over the next 3 years and starting this summer for some of them. The names are in no particular order within each group. The main caveat is that I had to see the player in person to put them on this list so keep that in mind when reading.

Cutler Finneman - Concordia (Roseville)
Tyler Strandlund - CHOF
Chad Potas - Wayzata
Andrew Turnblad - Minnetonka

Will Dunn - Benilde-St. Margaret's
Sean Scott - Spring Lake Park
Eric Gebeke - White Bear Lake
Zach Stahl - Hopkins
Dante Grant - Henry Sibley

Siyani Chambers - Hopkins
Isaiah Zierden - Benilde-St. Margaret's
Darian Pittman - Maranatha
Tommy McDermott - Minnetonka
Brady Wohler - Orono


  1. Strandlund had a block tonight that was probably the best blocked shot I have ever seen in High School ball. Hard to describe, but he essentially flew from the right top of the key to the lower left block, caught a 6'7" kid at the top of a jump shot and from the back crammed the ball into the shooters chest. We beat Jordan 72-66 Tyler had 24 points, 11 boards and 5 blocks.

  2. I have had the pleasure to see Strandlund once. I was really impressed with this kid. The paint will definitely be in good hands for CHOF after Fiscus graduates this year. I would look for more big stat lines from this young man for the next 3-years.

  3. there is freshman you are missing...1 goes to washburn and other is on hopkins both are guards..


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