Washburn blows out Johnson in AAA Semis

What a fast pace to start. Johnson with a 9-0 run over 1:22 to lead 21-14 at the 10:40 mark. Monster huge intensity in this one. 7 guys already have scored for Johnson. Johnson 11-16 from the floor as they're attacking the rim on the dribble and on the offensive glass. Dylan Hale trying to keep the Millers in it as he scores inside and then nails a triple at 9:59. 23-19 Johnson. Noah Sheppard with a right corner 3 off the side of the backboard. He gets it back and airballs the next attempt. Hale with another triple (his 3rd of the half), Cedric Martin puts back a miss and Johnson turns it over for a DeAaron Hearn FT. Hageman with a putback. 14-2 Millers run over 3:52 and they lead 28-23 at the 6:51 mark. Hageman picks up his 2nd foul at 6:42 and sits. Last Johnson FG at 10:09. Rosenbloom at 4:52 finally breaks the shooting drought. 33-28 Washburn. 40-37 Washburn at the half despite 14-34 shooting (5-11 from 3) compared to 15-28 (4-12 last 10 minutes) for Johnson. Dylan Hale 11 points on 4-8 shooting. Dion Suggs-Young with 8 points.

Suggs-Young with a nice fade countered by 2 inside Hageman buckets. 8-0 Washburn run over 2:04 as we go to the 1st media timeout at 14:51, 48-39 Washburn. Hearn with a jumper and 2 FTs for the other points in the fun. Michael Talley with a putback to break the run. Hearn with another jumper and then a Johnson turnover leads to Hearn finding Hale for 2. 52-41 Washburn at 13:45 (13-2 over 3+ minutes). Noah Shepard with a triple to push the lead to 14. After a missed Johnson FT, Nick Smith outruns everyone back for a layup. Inexcusable. 59-44 Millers inside of 12 minutes. Suggs-Young with a jumper at 10:50 as Johnson finally gets a shot to go in. Too many quick shots for the Govs against the Washburn 2-3 zone.

Now the game takes forever. We have bonus each way, no online stats. Oof. 65-50 Washburn at the 7:38 mark. Johnson scrambling and Hale spins and fades from the right baseline. Nice shot. 67-52 Millers inside 7 minutes. Then on a runout Hale hangs, takes the contact and scores. 70-52 Washburn at 6:15. Hearn up top to Hale for the dunk at 5:20 74-52 and we're officially out of hand now. Washburn for some reason has their starters in with 2 minutes left and a 25 point lead. Washburn rolls 91-66 as we don't finish until almost 4:30 PM. Dylan Hale with 25 points to lead all scorers.

In the 2nd class A game of the day, talk about cold. Ada-Borup lays a total beatdown on Cass Lake-Bena. Martin Wind shoots (not a typo) 5-27 (2-11 from 3). Nate Howard 4-16 including 1-9 from 3. Amazing shooting percentages in this one. CLB shoots 16-72 including 3-24 from deep, Ada-Borup shoots 35-54 including 8-15 from 3.

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