GHEC wins the 2009 Class A title

GHEC had multiple postup opportunities and didn't take advantage of Tim Garry and Taylor Nawrocki in the post. With more patience, they had whatever they wanted inside. Nice job by Ellsworth to manage Trevor Gruis with 2 fouls for the last 6 minutes of the half. In on offense, out on defense. Taylor Nawrocki had his hands full trying to guard Gruis. GHEC getting lost defensively trying to guard Ellsworth's power motion. Ellsworth finding Gruis inside or getting Casey Schilling or Adam Van Der Stoep open for easy jumpers. GHEC 7-24 from the floor. Ellsworth only 12-31. Taylor Nawrocki 11 and 4, Casey Schilling 8. Trevor Gruis 4 points and 6 rebounds. 28-18 Ellsworth at the break.

My All-Tournament Ballot for Class A

Gruis, Van Der Stoep and Schilling from Ellsworth
Taylor Nawrocki and Tim Garry from GHEC
Brian Bueng and Yuri Johnson from Ada-Borup
Taylor Skoglund from Chisholm
Drew Johnson - Bethlehem Academy
Kevin Noreen - MTS

Garry with a couple of triples early in the half but GHEC is still shooting triples instead of looking inside. Their screen/roll motion offense is getting them absolutely nothing. Marcus Teachout drives right into Gruis, misses and then gets blocked. Then another drive and another block. Where is Taylor Nawrocki inside? Ellsworth helping as they can't hit anything right now and GHEC is still within 7. Teachout with another inside force and miss. Tom Nolte having a nice role playing game. Garry with his 3rd triple of the half then an Ellsworth turnover leads to 2 Tanner Nawrocki freebies on a clean block by Nolte (bad call) right in front of me. 36-32 Ellsworth with 10:40 to play. 11-4 GHEC run over the last 4:43.

GHEC stays with their 1-2-2 and Taylor Nawrocki converts a layup on a turnover and the lead is down to 2. Gruis good look and short. Taylor Nawrocki short with a triple after a long possession. That impatience is a killer. Nolte makes GHEC pay with a hoop at the other end to push the lead back to 4. Gruis staying on Garry. Teachout for triple for 1-8 shooting to cut the lead to 1 inside 8:30. Nolte again inside. I should have voted for him all-tournament. Garry with a jump hook over Gruis. Gruis with a nice skip to Van Der Stoep for 3. 43-39 Ellsworth with 7:40 to play. Taylor Nawrocki scoops for 2 and GHEC dives on the floor for the loose ball and gets the timeout. 7:13 to go, Ellsworth 43-41 and the intensity has really jumped to another level.

Teachout airballs a left corner 3 and he's now 1-9. Van Der Stoep has no chance guarding Nawrocki inside and GHEC isn't looking at it. Nawrocki blocked by Gruis (great help) and gets it back for a kickout (3 seconds?) for another 3 by Garry and GHEC has their first lead of the day, 44-43 with 6:18 left. Nolte against the trap for a layup to put Ellsworth back on top. Casey Schilling called for an elbow against the trap, another brutal call. 5:25 to play 45-44 Ellsworth leads.

Gruis now not guarding Taylor Nawrocki or Tim Garry. He may be able to sit back and help. Teachout still shooting and he buries a jumper to put GHEC back on top. Matt Buntjer right back for Ellsworth with 4:30 to play. Garry for a layup with 4:10 to play as no one can get a stop. Van Der Stoep with a surprising airball. Taylor Nawrocki strong to the hoop but misses the layup with 3:30 left and Gruis scores on the other end. 49-48 Ellsworth with 3:10 left. Tyler Harder in and out for GHEC. He'll need to make shots to Gruis guarding him. GHEC forces the turnover and they'll have the ball with 2:46 left after the final media timeout.

Taylor Nawrocki drives, banks and is fouled with 2:34 left for a 3 point play. 51-49 GHEC as they stay 1-2-2. Gruis short with 2:10. Teachout driving and gets the benefit of a bump from Nolte. He'll shoot the bonus with 1:43 left but misses the front end. Timeout Ellsworth in the front court with 1:31 to play. Gruis out of the timeout gets a good look for 2 and we're tied with 1:26 left. GHEC holding the ball for 1 shot with a stall. Timeout GHEC with 15.9 to play tied at 51.

Taylor Nawrocki drives and he gets lucky as the ball goes off an Ellsworth defenders leg out of bounds. Timeout GHEC with 10.7 left and they'll have the ball under the basket. Taylor Nawrocki drives from the top and kicks to Teachout in the left corner but that's no good. Ellsworth rebounds and calls time with 0.9 left with a chance to go full court. The pass is tipped away and we'll play overtime.

GHEC with the world's WORST offense to start overtime. Gruis backs off Garry and he knocks down a 17 footer from the left wing. GHEC's Tanner Nawrocki dives on the floor he gets the turnover and the foul with 3:10 left. 1 of 2 from the stripe gives GHEC a 54-51 lead. Another Ellsworth turnover against the 1-2-2. Garry pulls up and the iron is kind. 56-51 GHEC leads. Gruis has a pass tipped away for another Panthers turnover with 2:30 left in the OT. GHEC goes back to the delay game with double stacks on the elbows. Van Der Stoep fouls Taylor Nawrocki but he misses the front end. Ellsworth with 2 missed triples but they run both of them down. Nolte has a left layup trickle off with the rim with 1:20 left. Marcus Teachout fouled with 1:11 to play and he makes both. 58-51 GHEC in control now. Nolte pulls up with a floater. Time Ellsworth with 58.5 left down 5. They get the turnover and will take it out with 50.9 left. Gruis to the basket and fouled with 46.4 left. He makes 1 of 2 to cut the lead to 4 as the 1st FT just rimmed out. Marcus Teachout fouled and he makes 1 of 2. 59-54 GHEC and Teachout tracks down a missed 3. He's back to the line with 27.9 left and again makes 1 of 2. Teachout on the runout to seal the deal. GHEC wins the state class A title, 62-54.

Tim Garry leads GHEC with 20 of his 25 points in the 2nd half and 10-13 shooting. Taylor Nawrocki with 18 points and 6 rebounds. Marcus Teachout with 11 points on 3-12 shooting. Trevor Gruis 10 points and 14 rebounds on 4-10 shooting. Tom Nolte leads the Panthers with 16 points and 10 rebounds.

The all-tourney team

Brian Arola and Skoglund from Chisholm
Bueng and Johnson from Ada-Borup
Garry, Taylor Nawrocki and Marcus Teachout from GHEC
Van Der Stoep, Gruis and Schilling from Ellsworth

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