Another school closes but you can travel

Some interesting tidbits this week.  First is that the MSHSL has lifted the 600 mile out of state travel ban.  The decision is now left to the school boards, amen to that.  There was also some talk to create 4 16 team sections with 2 teams from each advancing.  2 teams advancing, yuck.  But I like going to 4 sections rather than 8, especially for the small schools.  (Warning, Wisconsin bias there).

Another St. Paul school bites the dust.  This time its St. Paul Arlington.  With no enrollment area and only 90 freshmen signed up for next year, bye bye.  A shame since its the newest high school with the best gym in Minneapolis or St. Paul.  Hopefully they'll go back to the Twin Cities game there.  I'd also propose Tuesday night/Friday night doubleheaders and Saturday tripleheaders for league games at the gym.

Read more about the St. Paul school closing plan here.

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  1. Based on comments in today's Pioneer Press, it looks like a similar concept middle school (the old Washington high) that has too much demand will fill the space. Current sophs and juniors will have to leave, but freshman will be the 1st class of the "new" school.


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