ESPN thoughts on the EYBL

ESPN's Christopher Lawlor took a look at Nike's Elite Youth Basketball League that opens this weekend at the Boo Williams Invite (Howard Pulley included in case you weren't aware).  A very interesting article that I think you'll enjoy (read it here).  It also includes comments from Nike's director of grassroots basketball who happens to be the commissioner of the league.  Here's what stuck out to me.

  • Only 24 of the 42 teams make the Peach Jam and could be eliminated from the league next year.  Finish in the top half of your division to move on.
  • College rules including 3 man officiating crews (hopefully good ones unlike what is often seen in summer ball) and bigger yet, a 35 second shot clock.
  • Players must have a year of high school remaining.  Biggie to level the playing field.
  • There is a roster lockdown starting with the 1st game of league play.  Limited flexibility there.  If this encourages loyalty from players and teams, I'm all for it.
  • Coaches must wear provided game gear so no shorts and t-shirts.  That's somewhat amusing.

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