Dorothy, we are in Kansas

Its the beginning of May and that means the annual Jayhawk, or should I say Traveling Minnesota Road Show, Invitational.  13 teams from 17U (25% of the field), 12 from 16U (25%) and 8 15U teams from Minnesota all make the 8 hour trip south.  Or should I just mention who isn't there.  Pump N Run, Glory and Select all have the week off.

But just because it seems like a Minnesota tournament, don't be fooled by the quality.  Its a loaded national field too at the 17U level with Doublepump Spring Classic champ KC Pump N Run (Christian Kirk), St. Louis Eagles (#7 ranked Brad Beal and Ben McLemore), SYF Players (#16 ranked Branden Dawson), Dallas Mustangs (#5 ranked LeBryan Nash), Compton Magic (#99 Jahii Carson and #2 2012 Isaiah Austin from Texas joins them for this weekend), Dream Vision (#19 Angelo Chol and #8 2012 player Shabazz Muhammed), NE Players, D1E (AKA Derrick Rose All-Stars), Pray and Play Players (Perry Ellis, ESPN's sophomore of the year).  Note that all rankings are from

In 17U (schedule here), the SW MN Stars have Zach Huisken from the Dakota Schoolers for the weekend to replace one of the Holt twins (Lee).   Welcome to Kansas guys as Pump N Run Elite and SYF Players reside in this pool.  Both of those games are Saturday.  Fury Blue gets the absolute most criminal draw possible as they get Pray and Play Players and Dream Vision in their pool.  YIKES!  It doesn't get much tougher than that.  Fury gets both on Saturday.

WOTN Black and Howard Pulley Black join Dallas Mustangs in their pool.  HP Black vs the Mustangs 9:10 Saturday morning.   Mustangs won the tough Real Deal In The Rock title 2 weeks ago.  Comets Hanson is in with KC Truth who qualified for the 16U title game at the Sabes Invite last year.  They play at 6:10 Friday night.   Pool K has a very interest battle of the MN Wrath and the MN Heat Elite at 8 AM Saturday morning.  Also at 8 AM is Team GetShook vs WOTN Gold in Pool H.

In 16U (schedule here), tough draws across the board for MN teams.  MN Suns get KC Pump N Run in their pool.  KC PNR was the 16s division runner up in Denver (Czar's Note 4/28/10 corrected result).  Howard Pulley White gets the stacked and huge Indiana Elite One squad that won the title in Denver 2 weeks ago.  Who was one of the other semifinalist?  Net Gain and they're in pool E.  Howard Pulley Black gets the SYF Players in their pool.  43 Hoops coming off their PNR tourney win last weekend sees the 2nd Comets team in their pool.  Southside and Comets Elite head up 2 more pools.  Magic somehow has a team here (own tourney this week) and has tNBA in their pool.  Fury and WOTN Gold round out the final pool.

In 15U (schedule here), a tough draw for Minnesota Fury Blue.  They're off to a great start but Kansas City Pump N Run resides in their pool.  SYF Players and Dallas Mustangs are with WOTN Gold in their pool.

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