10-11 Section 4A Preview

With 11 conference previews and a look at the local independents (along with the Wright County and Mississippi 8), I move on to part 2 of my season preview series with a look at the 11 metro area sections.  As is tradition, I'll start with the little guys in section 4A . For a list of all the season previews, click here.

Defending Champion: Minnesota Transitions

Normally I'd do full section seeding predictions here but as convoluted as the setup is for this section, who knows who will end up where.  Ultimately the seeds will mean very little as there's 2 teams at the top with 1 possible sleeper.  Beyond that, there's nothing to be afraid of in the section.  Assuming the teams are on separate sides of the bracket like last year, easy money says MN Transitions vs Maranatha for the section crown.  St. Agnes has enough talent back and they have both MTS and MCA on the schedule to be a sleeper.  Remember they won at Maranatha early last season.  In the next tier, I expect 3 others to open section play (after the play in games) with wins.  That's Heritage in the North/West.  Then New Life and St. Paul Humboldt in the South/East.

Section Winner: Minnesota Transitions.  The Wolves just have too much firepower with Rodney Owens, Devonte Harvey and Kyle Noreen.  MCA will keep the game close as they are very well coached but MTS will close them out late.


  1. I am shocked that you would even consider using the words "well coached" and Maranatha in the same sentence.

  2. I am shocked that you would use the words "well coached" and Maranatha in the same sentence.

  3. Why would I not use that description? The MCA track record speaks volumes.


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