Cruising on the Island

Since I'm going to miss Saturday's big Eden Prairie at DeLaSalle showdown, I figured I'd make up for lost time by making a visit to the island to see DLS take on St. Croix Lutheran.  The concession stand downgrades with no Taco in a Bag, but with no crowd, why bother.  But since Hopkins was off, we do get the Mr Basketball committee in attendance.  Right down in front too but no popcorn was a surprise.  Always fun to watch the Islanders warmup with their in game concepts (unlike most other teams that do useless drills or free shooting).  Tonight's song is once again from the obvious department and because we had disco last night, we go with a song written by arguably the face of disco.

Song of the Day
Islands in the Stream - Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (written by the Bee Gees)

Game Time
The theme here is the same as the entire season for the Islanders.  Suffocating defense and too much strength inside.  After St. Croix Lutheran makes an opening jumper, DLS holds them scoreless for the next 9:40.  Jonah Travis with a pair of free throws, Marcas Dorsey on the post, Robert Ndondo-Lay on the post.  High/Low to him and to Travis, Ndondo-Lay again inside.  That's all part of a 21-0 run.  21-2 Islanders at the 9:43 mark.  The lead extends to 33-6 before the defense gets sloppy and allows a couple of Crusaders 3s.  39-14 DLS at the half.  They open the second half on a 19-3 spurt and win easily 70-31.

Post Game
St. Croix Lutheran falls to 8-5 and 4-4 in the Tri-Metro. But the rest of the schedule is very favorable with 7 of the next 9 game at home.  That includes east division showdowns with St. Anthony and Concordia at home.  Just flat out over matched in all aspects in this one.  But they do have most of the roster returning next season.

For DeLaSalle, Jonah Travis finishes with 17 and 15 on my sheet.  Robert Ndondo-Lay nice touch with the jump hook over the left shoulder.  He finishes with 10 of his 14 points in the first half.  Cold night for Bretson McNeal 4-11 shooting for 8 points.  The Islanders are now 14-1 and 10-0 in the Tri-Metro.  The schedule really toughens up with Eden Prairie, Waunakee (WI), CDH, at BSM and Minneapolis Henry (an annual nemesis) in the next month.

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