Govs Joust with Knights

I begin tonight with the side note that this is the 1000th entry that I've written on this blog.  I never would have thought it would get that far back when I started in June 2007.  After last night's epic battle between Armstrong and Osseo, its back to reality with a St. Paul City and east side showdown between Johnson and Harding.  Standard food, blah.  There was 1 college in the building looking on but I didn't get a good look at who.

Song of the Day
Tracy Chapman - Give me one reason

Game Time
Johnathin Hall goes backdoor for 2 at the 16:35 mark and we're tied at 3.  Then Johnson pulls away with their pressure defense.  Marcus Marshall with a steal for 2, a turnover leads to a nice behind the back pass from Roosevelt Scott to Estan Tyler for a 3 point play.  3 straight turnovers = 3 straight Marshall layups and then after another Knights turnover, he nails a 3.  Harding having a hard time just getting the ball into the front court.  After another turnover, Quashingm Smith with a putback.  Then Marcel West with an easy drive for a bucket.  21-0 is the Johnson run over 4:35 for a 24-3 lead.  Scott to Chris Smith-Bond for layup, Marshall with a jumper, Tyler with a layup and a jumper, 38-10.  Anthony Lee for 3 to beat the halftime buzzer and that puts Johnson up 51-18 at the half.  2nd half is unwatchable, Johnson wins 76-37.

Post Game
Estan Tyler leads Johnson with 22 points.  Marcus Marshall with 11 of his 15 points in the first half.  Roosevelt Scott only 6 points but I had him for 3 first half assists. Johnson now 11-2 and still undefeated against Minnesota opponents.  They host Superior in the East Metro Showcase Friday night.  Johnathin Hall with 12 points to lead Harding.  Harding falls to 5-8.  They have a quiet stretch in the schedule now as they don't play against until Tuesday at Humboldt.

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