Henry's state of the game

Ladies and gentleman, Emperor, Her Majesty, Crown Prince and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, I'm happy to report that the state of The Kingdom is strong.  We are honored to be at one of the finest city gyms which happens to be named after one of our great founding fathers, Patrick Henry.  So concession stand, GIVE ME PEPSI OR GIVE ME DEATH!  We have a rare sight of cheerleaders from both Henry and Brooklyn Center to energize us all.  There's outstanding music throughout The Kingdom so with the sight of cheerleaders dancing at half and a strong Kingdom, I give you

Song of the Day
Let's Groove - Earth, Wind and Fire

Game Time
A pregame technical and 2 quick 3s means around a Henry turnover mean there's much work to be done for Henry.  7-0 Centaurs 30 seconds into the game.  Demetrius Anthony with a jumper 4 minutes in for a 13-4 Brooklyn Center lead.  Then our founding team proves as we do in the Kingdom that they can overcome the slow start (only came out for warmups with 8:22 left on the clock).  Soph Darius Hill with an inside out 3 and coast to coast for 2.   Then Latrell Love with a pair of nice post ups and then a putback for a 3 point play.  Its a 13-0 lead to put Henry up for good.  Anthony with another jumper to cut the lead to 23-17 with 7:48 left in the half, but the rest is all Patriots.  Henry runs away 25-5 the rest of the half for a 48-22 halftime lead and coasts from there to a 75-43 win. 

Post Game
Latrell Love with 16 points and 10 rebounds in the first half on his way to 22 points to lead all scorers.  Soph Darius Hill another nice performance with 17 points.  Deonte Blakemore with 13 points off the bench.  Samson Seebo 8 of his 11 in the 2nd half to lead Brooklyn Center.  Demetrius Anthony all 10 of his points in the first half for the Centaurs.  Henry improves to 8-7 with the win and will play at Roosevelt on Friday.  Brooklyn Center falls to 2-16.  They finish cross-division play in the Tri-Metro at St. Anthony next Tuesday.

So while there is much work to be done for Brooklyn Center, a star shines brightly for Henry and The Kingdom is strong.  God bless you all and may God bless our Kingdom.

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