2011 Class AA Championship

Its the 2011 State Championship game in Class AA.  It features the sentimental favorite Perham taking on upstart Rochester Lourdes.  Lourdes defeated Plainview-Elgin-Millville in the section 1 final, the team that many thought was the favorite in AA.  Unfortunately it means its another game where I have to suffer through THE WORLD'S WORST OFFENSE.  No Zach Gabbard in the building at the outset which is a slight surprise.  I like the Perham fans standing until they score.  But again in this one they'll have to wait until after the 1st TV timeout.

It takes 5 minutes but a Nick Tobkin 3 gets Perham on the board with a 3-2 lead.  Mark Schumacher with a couple of blocks inside to show his presence.  Lourdes starts out 1-9 shooting.  TV timeout tied at 5 with 10:09 left.  Back to back 3s and its 11-5 Perham and Lourdes needs a timeout at the 8:52 mark. 11-3 Yellowjackets (quality masccot BTW) in 4:10.  Lourdes with 2 FGs the last 8+ and Perham 7 in a row to stretch the lead to 18-13 at the half.  33.3% shooting in the game with 6-18 and 5-15.  Perham settling for too many 3s (4-12 vs 1-3 from 2).  

Chris Eickemeyer inside for 2 at the 13:18 mark to cut the Perham lead to 20-19.  Alex Kapraun on an inbounds isolation and Lourdes is back on top at the 12:06 mark, 21-20 (8-2 start to the half).  Perham doing nothing on the offensive end.  Jordan Bruhn with 2 through contact and Perham is up 24-23 inside 9 minutes.  At the 8:54 mark, Kapraun picks up his 4th and Perham scores on a putback.  Lourdes down 26-23 when they take time with 8:38 left.  Kapraun back in at the 7:59 mark as Lourdes takes their chances but he's at the top of the 1-3-1 so he should stay out of trouble.  Tobkin for 3 at the 6:48 mark and the lead is 6. 31-25 Perham with 6:17 left as we go to a TV break.  2 more Perham free throws extend the lead to 8 with 5:18 to play and Lourdes misses a front end so they'll have to go man and extend the defense.  35-25 with 3:59 left.  Tobkin for 3 and the run is 11-0 over 3 minutes for a 40-25 lead..  Kapraun gets the shooters roll on a 3 and that cuts the lead to 40-31 with 2:20 remaining.  But Lourdes had chances inside they couldn't convert.  Eickemeyer with a putback with 47.7 to cut the lead to 8.  But its not enough as Perham wins the AA title 45-35.

Nick Tobkin 15 points to lead Perham.  Jordan Cresap 12 points.  Sam Stratton 9 points with 11 rebounds for the winners.  10 points and 4 boards for Alex Kapraun of Lourdes on 3-16 shooting (2-11 3s).  Shane McGrath 9 and 11.  Chris Eickemeyer 12 and 7.  Lourdes again doesn't shoot it well, 16-49, 2-18 from 3.  Perham 12-31.  Lourdes 15 offensive rebounds to win the rebounding battle 33-24. 

Hard to nominate 10 guys with the ugly play in this bracket, but here's my all tourney bracket.

My All Tournament Team Ballot
Alex Kapraun - Rochester Lourdes
Shane McGrath - Rochester Lourdes
Tate Harmon - WEM
Conrad Masberg - WEM
Mike Busack - Redwood Valley
JT Radel - Redwood Valley
Nick Tobkin - Perham (MVP)
Sam Stratton - Perham
Jordan Cresap - Perham
Mark Schumacher - Perham (replaced by Nic Jensen of Lourdes on official team)

I came very close to nominating Zach Gabbard.

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