2011 State Tourney Day 3, Class A semis

Random stream of unconsciousness bullets from the 2011 class A semifinals at Target Center

Game 1: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa vs MACCRAY
  • Big lineups for BBE and MACCRAY.  BBE starting 4 kids at 6'4 or taller with the 5th being a freshman.  MACCRAY 6'4, 6'4 and 6'7 Seth Hinrichs.  That size at the small level is a huge difference maker.
  • BBE didn't take advantage of the size initially by giving up an 11-0 run but they did start to pound it in and Kevin Kuefler got going.  MACCRAY gets only 1 Hinrichs 3 point play in a 9 minute span as they give up a 25-3 run to fall behind by double digits.  Kuefler with 20 in the first half for a 41-29 BBE halftime lead.
  • BBE stretched the lead to 23 before Seth Hinrichs scored 3 buckets in an 11-1 run to cut the lead to 61-48.
  • I like the idea of playing 1-3-1 with the BBE size, no real athletic or active guy on top (which makes a 1-3-1 really scary) but they did a nice job of doubling the post and MACCRAY never come up with a good answer for the zone.   
  • MACCRAY shot well but had 15 first half turnovers.  They cut out the turnovers in the second half but then the shooting went away (15-39).  
  • BBE also got a nice performance out of 6'6 lefty center Connor Goodwin with 21 and 8.  Him and freshman brother Brian make a nice combo to keep BBE going next year.
  • BBE wins 86-69 and remains the only undefeated team in the state.  They shoot 56.9% for the game. Kuefler finishes with 27 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals.   Seth Hinrichs finishes with 23 points and 9 rebounds.
Game 2: Springfield vs Chisholm
  • Good to see Tyler Marz back at state after the Wisconsin football recruit (go Bucky!) blew out his knee during the football season.  Almost as big as Seantrel Henderson.  He comes in at the 15:11 mark and scores the first 2 Springfield field goals.
  • Chisholm with a 27-26 halftime lead despite 40.7% shooting in the half.  They came from 8 down in the last 9 minutes of the half.  Springfield did nice work getting inside the 3-2 zone and not settling for 3s.  Only 5 points combined from Springfield's top 2 scorers (Jesse Kieper and Cody Milbrath) who combine for over 36 a night.
  • Springfield had a nice inside pass for 3 and the shot was in and out. Then Chisholm rejects the putback to get the ball back up 1 with 1:49 left.  Then Chisholm is fouled, misses the front end and puts back the miss.  Wow.  Chisholm makes 1 FT to go up 4, then a touch foul for 2 Springfield FTs and a Chisholm turnover.  Springfield timeout with ball down 49-47 with 51.2 left.  Cody Milbrath with a putback to tie it with 23 seconds left. Chisholm makes 1 FT and grabs the miss with 13.6 left.   That's why I can't stand the rule that you have to wait for the ball to hit rim.  Allows WAY too many offensive rebs on FTs.  Then Chisholm misses another free throw.  That gives Springfield 1 last chance with 6.1 to play out of a timeout down 2.  Marz catches underneath and throws it back out, wow.  Alex Fink with the bonus FTs with 3.4 to play.  Clutch!  That sends the game to OT at 51.  Chisholm didn't make their free throws to put it away.
  • Springfield made 10 of their 12 FTs in OT to build the lead and win 63-55.  Chisholm finished the game shooting only 16-29 from the foul line. Big killer there. 
  • Springfield had the ball with the lead against the Chisholm zone in the last 3 minutes and chose to play.  Would have been very tempting to pull Chisholm out of it. 
  • Teams combine to shoot 36-104 from the floor.  Alex Fink 21 and 12 for Springfield.  Tyler Marz 9 and 9 in 25 minutes.  Cody Milbrath 9 and 8.  Adam Vake 13 and 11 for Chisholm.

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