2011 Gotta Make Shots Part 3

The 2012 Gotta Make Shots Series rolls on with part 3.  After a look at the small schools, its time for a look at the last 2 years of the AAA state tournament.  To see all posts in this series, click here.

2012 Class AAA State Tournament
  • ROCORI vs Minneapolis Washburn
    Washburn with 14 extra shot attempts.  They shoot only 34% for the game.  ROCORI shoots 56.3% in the 2nd half for a 48.7% overall result.  Washburn 1 extra 3 and 1 extra free throw.  They win 2nd chance points 12-6 and points off turnovers 20-8 (21-11 advantage in turnovers)
  • St. Paul Johnson vs Austin
    Johnson with 4 extra shots.  They shoot 44.6% compared to 50% for Austin.  Johnson with a 17-6 edge at the foul line.  They also win points off turnovers 20-6 and 2nd chance points 15-12.  Austin with 12 2nd half turnovers to only 5 for Johnson. 
  • Detroit Lakes vs De La Salle
    Detroit Lakes gets up 16 more shots but this game was out of hand early.  Detroit Lakes shoots 35.7% in the first half to 60% for the Islanders.  That number was down to 30.3% in the 2nd half for Detroit Lakes.  10-0 DLS at the foul line.
  • Mankato East vs Grand Rapids
    7 more attempts for Mankato East.  Grand Rapids outshoots them 40.8 to 32.1.  16-6 edge for Grand Rapids at the foul line.  They also had a 17-8 win in 2nd chance points. 
  • Minneapolis Washburn vs St. Paul Johnson (Semifinal #1)
    Washburn with 13 more shot attempts and a 45.9% shooting clip.  Johnson shoots 43.8% for the game.  Washburn 25-16 in 2nd chance points and 26-21 in points off turnovers.  That 2nd number is always huge against Johnson who relies so much on their defense to generate offense.  Washburn's advantage in offensive rebounds was 22-11. 
  • De La Salle vs Grand Rapids (Semifinal #2)
    DLS with 9 more shots.  Grand Rapids held to 30.4% shooting in the 2nd half while DLS shot 57.1% in that half.  That led to a 17 point DLS margin in that half.  DLS wins the overall FG% 50-39.  They also made 5 more 3s.  24-8 for DLS in points off turnovers. 
  • Grand Rapids vs St. Paul Johnson (Third Place)
    Equal field goal attempts in this one.  Grand Rapids gives up 60.9% in the 1st half to Johnson while shooting 41.7%.  Johnson wins points off turnovers 22-15. 
  • De La Salle vs Minneapolis Washburn (Championship)
    Washburn gets up 4 extra shots.  They shoot 38.9% for the game.  DLS 44% for the game.  14-9 for Washburn at the line, 4-0 for DLS from 3.  Washburn 20-13 in points off turnovers and a 15-9 edge in 2nd chance points.  27.6% shooting in the 2nd half for Washburn but with 12 more attempts in the half they make 1 more field goal. 
The team with more shots had a record of 4-3.  The team with the higher shooting percentage also had a record of  6-2. Turnovers again looming large.

2011 Class AAA State Tournament
  • New Prague vs St. Paul Johnson
    Johnson put up 12 more shots but got outshot 14-7 from 3.  I was court side for that one and it was truly a lights out shooting display.  New Prague ends up at 55.8% for the game while Johnson shot 50.9%.  New Prague shot 68.4% with 8 of 11 3s in that second half to come from 8 down.
  • Marshall vs Columbia Heights
    Columbia Heights with 6 more shots in the game.  They shoot 47.5% on those.  Marshall shoots 27.3% in the 2nd half for 35.8% overall.  Heights with a 22-0 advantage in points off turnovers.  Despite giving up 21 offensive boards vs 14 of their own, Heights still won 2nd chance points 19-14
  • Grand Rapids vs Waconia
    Grand Rapids put up 2 more shots at only a 38.3% clip.   They shoot 29.2% in the 1st half compared to 56% for Waconia.  Wildcats use that advantage to open a 19 point halftime lead.   Grand Rapids never closer than 9 after that.
  • St. Cloud Apollo vs Orono
    2 more shots for Orono and they win FG% 45.8% to 43.9%.  Apollo 1-11 from the floor in the overtime to seal their fate. 
  • New Prague vs Columbia Heights (Semifinal #1)
    Heights with 12 more shots but cold at 35.6%.  New Prague not much better at 38.3%.  New Prague again with a big advantage in 3s, 11-1.  Heights countered with a 14-3 edge at the foul line.  They also had a 22-13 edge in points off turnovers and 18-11 in 2nd chance points (18-6 on the offensive glass).
  • Waconia vs Orono (Semifinal #2)
    Orono got up 5 more field goal attempts.  Spartans shoot 32.7% to 34.1% for Waconia.  Waconia with an 18-8 edge in 2nd chance points.  Orono with 7 3s and an 18-13 edge in points off turnovers.
  • New Prague vs Waconia (Third Place)
    Both teams shoot 40 times and make 45%.  Waconia with a 19-11 edge in free throws, 13-6 in 2nd chance points and 22-18 in points off turnovers.
  • Columbia Heights vs Orono (Championship)
    Heights 15 more shot attemps and they made 39.7% of those.  Orono 66.7% in the 2nd half on their way to 53.4% for the game.  Orono makes 5 more 3s.  Columbia Heights +4 in points off turnovers  and +10 in 2nd chance points thanks to a 24-14 edge on the offensive glass.  Both teams equal at the charity stripe but it took Heights 6 more attempts.
7 games to count up in this group.  The team with more shot attempts had a record of 4-3.  The team with the better shooting percentage fared 1 game better at 5-2.

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