2012 Gotta Make Shots Part 4

This is part 4 in my 2012 Gotta Make Shots series.  In this edition, a look at results from the last 2 Class AAAA state tournaments. 

2012 State Tournament
Woodbury vs Hopkins
Woodbury +13 shot attempts and had 16 offensive rebounds.  They outshot Hopkins 44.1 to 38.2%.  How does Hopkins make up the difference to win in OT?  The get to the line and win with a 32-9 advantage in made FTs.  That included a state tournament record 22-24 from Siyani Chambers.

Duluth East vs Osseo
Osseo + 15 shots and they outshot the Greyhounds 41.9% to 36.2%.  Osseo trailed by 4 at the half, but the second half shooting tells the story.  Osseo gets 8 more attempts and shoots 53.6% vs 32.4 in the 1st half.  Duluth East only shot 35% in the 2nd half.

Moorhead vs Lakeville North
Lakeville North gets 2 more shots but they lose the percent battle 43.5% to 41.7%.  The Panthers also make up the difference at the foul line with a 17-7 advantage in FTs made.  They also use their size for a 13-7 advantage on the offensive glass which was worth 10 more points (15-5). 

Eden Prairie vs Eastview
Very even here as Eastview gets 1 more shot attempt.  They won the points off turnover battle 19-9.  But what you do when Grant Schaeffer goes for 39 in the 2nd half and overtime.  Eden Prairie wins the shooting percentage 53.5% to 50%.

Hopkins vs Osseo (Semifinal #1)
Hopkins with 4 more shots and the make 11 of 34 3s compared to 0-12 from the arc for Osseo.  That almost allows Hopkins to recover from a 48.6% to 41.9% loss in the shooting percentage.  Osseo with 62 of their 87 points in the paint and they won the rebounding battle 56-31 including 18 offensive boards.  Osseo turned it over 25 times for a 24-17 scoring advantage for Hopkins

Lakeville N vs Eden Prairie (Semifinal #2)
Eden Prairie had 3 more shot attempts but shot only 33.3%.  That wasn't enough to overcome 42.2% from Lakeville North.  North also pulled away at the foul line with a 16-2 advantage in FTs. 

Hopkins vs Eden Prairie (Third Place)
Hopkins with 16 more shot attempts but only shot 38.8%.  They make up the difference with an 18-8 advantage in made free throws.  Eden Prairie shot 49%.  The numbers are a bit misleading as Hopkins shot 46.2% in the 1st half to 44.4% and had 12 more attempts.  That allowed the Royals to open up a 22 point halftime lead before a cold shooting 2nd half at 28.6% to 54.2% allowed the Eagles to make up 10 points..  Hopkins with a 15-4 advantage on the offensive glass for the game.

Osseo vs Lakeville North (Championship)
Lakeville North gets 5 more shots in the game. but shoots only 28.6%.  Osseo makes only 40.9% including the buzzer beater from Ian Theisen.  Lakeville North with 6 more made free throws.  That included a 13-4 advantage in the second half when Osseo made 55.6% of their shots.  Lakeville North with 7 more points off of turnovers.  In a surprise, they won the battle on the offensive glass 18-14 which turned into a 14-5 advantage in points (11-0 second half).

The team with more shots lost 4 of the 8 games for a 4-4 record.  The team with the higher shooting percentage was 5-3.  The magic value in all 3 of those losses was the free throw line.  The 3 losses saw the team lose the free throw battle 67-24.

2011 State Tournament
Owatonna vs Hopkins
Hopkins gets 18 more shots thanks to a 22-16 advantage in turnovers and a 15-6 advantage on the offensive glass.  The Royals shoot 44.8% on those extra shots and hold Owatonna to 42.5%

Duluth East vs Cretin-Derham Hall
Duluth East with 9 more shots in the game.  The Greyhounds shot a dreadful 27.9% compared to 46.2% for CDH who shot 52.2% in the 2nd half to pull away.  Duluth East with a 12 point advantage in 2nd chance points thanks to a 20-11 on the offensive glass.  CDH got that back with an 8 point advantage in points off turnovers.

Lakeville South vs Eden Prairie
Dead even in shot attempts in this one with Lakeville South making 1 more shot.  Eden Prairie with a 16-9 advantage in offensive rebounds for 10 extra points. They also made 5 more free throws.  Lakeville Soth 47.5% to 45.8% for Eden Prairie

Maple Grove vs Osseo
Maple Grove gets 7 more shot attempts but they shoot 30.8% in the second half.  Osseo shoots a scorching 65.2% in the 1st half.  The Orioles make 10 more free throws.  Overall shooting saw Osseo 53.3% to 38.5% for Maple Grove.

Hopkins vs Cretin-Derham Hall (Semifinal #1)
Hopkins with 3 more shots.  They shoot 52.7% for the game compared to 44.2 for CDH.  That included 55.6 to 44 in the 2nd half.  Hopkins 17-6 in 2nd chance points thanks to a 17-5 advantage in offensive rebounds.  Hopkins with a 13-2 advantage in made free throws.

Eden Prairie vs Osseo (Semifinal #2)
Osseo with 3 more shot attempts but they get outshot 45.1% to 38.9%.  Both teams ice cold in the 1st half (19-60) and then hot in the 2nd half (25-45).  Eden Prairie also wins at the foul line 21-8.  The offensive rebounds huge with Eden Prairie winning that 16-4 but only an 8-4 points advantage.  That did turn into 40-28 in points in the paint.

Cretin-Derham Hall vs Osseo (Third Place)
CDH with 4 more shot attempts in the 4 point loss.  They shoot 34.6% compared to 39.6% for Osseo.  Osseo also with a 5 point advantage at the foul line.

Hopkins vs Eden Prairie (Championship)
Hopkins with 1 more shot attempt and they shot 56.8%.  Eden Prairie shot 44.2%.  Hopkins 18-8 in points off turnovers.  Eden Prairie 64.7% in the 1st half (similar to their upset of Hopkins that season) but 30.8% in the 2nd half compared to 60% for Hopkins was just too much to overcome.

The team with more shots lost 4 of the 7 games with a shot differential for a 3-4 record.  The team with the higher shooting percentage had a record of  7-1.  The 1 loss being in the game where the shot attempts were even and there was a 1 make difference.

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