2013 AAAA Semi Apple Valley vs Eden Prairie

A quality pair of semifinals on tap in class 4A.  This game gives us John Lithgow running the show.  But's its free Pepsi all weekend and a courtside seat to watch Tyus Jones. 

Game Time
Eden Prairie's physical play vs Tyus Jones and the battle of Anthony Anderson vs Dennis Austin just a couple of appealing elements of this one.  Then how do I not mention Andre Wallace vs Dustin Fronk and Brock Bertram vs Jack Cottrell.  Even through most of the half.  Then Tyus off the transition ball screen to the basket for 2.  Then he finds Dennis Austin off the ball screen for 2.  21-17 Apple Valley as they force a turnover and look to gain momentum on the break.  But Zach Goring decides to go with the MoKiller timeout instead.  Eden Prairie fortunate to be that close as Brock Bertram is all over the boards but has 4 missed bunnies at the rim.  Apple Valley keeps their lead at 4 thanks to a bomb and a pair of free throws from Dustin Fronk.  Off a turnover, Grant Shaeffer comes up hobbling and Tyus takes that for a layup.  Valley D smacks the floor for the last possession and gets a stop.  10 Eden Prairie turnovers lead to a 12-3 advantage in points off turnovers for Apple Valley.   That's your difference in the half.  30-22 Apple Valley at the half.  Grant Shaeffer and Andre Wallace both miss time with 2 fouls combining for only 19 minutes in the half and 5 points.

Dennis Austin with a 3 point play as Apple Valley opens a 35-26 lead.  Tyus with a steal and bucket to keep the lead at 39-32 with 13 minutes to play.  Andre Wallace with a putback as Eden Prairie continues to hang around and hang around.  Our 5th TV timeout of the game comes with 10:49 left and a 41-36 Apple Valley lead.  Jack Cottrell with a nice lefty finish on the right side to pull Eden Prairie within 1 with 10 minutes left.  Apple Valley's shooting stays cold but a Tyus steal and touch call from the outstate official give Jones a 3 point play.  AV students get the USA chant going as Tyus pushes the lead back to 44-40 with 9:24 left.

Bertram misses back to back bunnies and will get a breather.  Tyus starting to assert himself with a bucket and a free throw.   That keeps the lead at 5.  Anthony Anderson inside through Austin for the 3 point play with 6:44 left.  Apple Valley leading 47-45 going to the TV timeout.  James Horton misses a pair of free throws but gives great help on an Anderson iso to stop a bucket.  That leads to a Tyus bucket and then Tyus to Austin for a layup running the floor.  All of this with Bertram waiting at the table to come back in for Horton.  Jack Cottrell stops the bleeding with a bucket and then a 3 point play with 4:04 left to cut the lead to 51-50.

Bertam finally gets a bunny to fall.  Austin denied on 1 end after a pretty Tyus feed but Wallace steamrolls a defender on the other end.  Last TV timeout with 2:42 left.  Apple Valley hanging on 53-51.  Tyus now plyaing off the ball coming off of baseline screens.  He slithers inside for 2 with 2:05 left and the lead is 4.  After an Eden Prairie miss, Tyus takes the ball looking to kill clock.  Robert Tobroxen to the line with 1:16 left after an Eden Prairie timeout.  The icing doesn't work as both ends of the bonus are pure.  57-51 Apple Valley up.  Shaeffer scores but Tyus with an absolutely perfect touch lob to Bertam for free throws with 52.1 left.  Ridiculous pass.  Bertram makes 1 of 2 and Shaeffer misses a fade away.  Tyus puts the game on ice with free throws.  Apple Valley advances to the state championship with a win.

Tyus Jones scores 23 points and adds 5 assists.  That doesn't count another handful of passes for free throws.  15 of those points in the second half.  Dennis Austin 15 points and 8 boards.  Jack Cottrell matches those numbers.  Anthony Anderson 11 and 11. Brock Bertram 9 points and 13 boards (6offensive).  Apple Valley 24 to 5 in points off of turnovers thanks to losing the turnover battle 18 to 5.

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