Packing the Tartan Gym

Its a quiet Monday night of 2 EMAC games and South St. Paul at Tartan.  So I head east to a not so packed house with only 1 side of bleachers open for the night.  I had the longest walk all the way around gym to grab the concessions and had my hot dog gone by the time I reached my seat.  How's The Czar to maintain this waistline under those conditions.  Add in pringles as part of the meal deal and that's well worth it.  Tonight's beverage is Sprite so more items on the beverage counter.

So with the elements and tough choice of games, lets go with this.

Song of the Day
Extreme Ways - Moby

Total Beverage Consumption Counter: 236 ounces  (22 games, 19 days)
  • 12 oz Dr Pepper
  • 12 oz Sprite
  • 40 oz Red Powerade
  • 20 oz Red Gatorade
  • 92 oz Pepsi
  • 60 oz Coke 
Game Time
South St. Paul goes 2-3 zone, gets a stop and a score for a 2-0 lead.  But so much for the idea of pulling the ball out as Tommy Hanson counters on the other end.  Nathan Totino banks in a 3 and the Packers hang around at 20-10 at the 9:30 mark.  Its a sloppy half for Tartan as they go to the break with a 41-22 lead.  Zach Taylor with 14 points and a pair of 3s in the half for South St. Paul.

Frosh Emanuel Humphrey productive off the Tartan bench and he did whatever he wanted from the short corner.  Tartan would run a nice set having the PG go through and screen the backside of the zone so they could throw the ball up to big Brody Jackson inside.  Tartan limited without their top 2 point guards Keenen Bellaphant and frosh Jordan Horn in the lineup.  No running time until 3:15 to play and the SSP starters out of the game.  Tartan wins 79-41.

Post Game
For South St. Paul, 17 points from Zach Taylor (14 in 1st half) leads all scorers.  Nathan Totino with 3 triples for 9.  But this is a program that still has many years of rebuilding ahead of them.  The Packers fall to 1-3 and have lost 3 in a row.  They return home for games with St. Agnes and Mahtomedi and then an afternoon trip on Saturday to Harding.

Tartan improves to 2-1 with the win.  Emanuel Humphrey and Tommy Hanson with 14 each for Titans.  Brody Jackson with 13.  Most of those Humphrey and Jackson buckets, easy buckets from the short corner or diving for the pass from the short corner.  That's from the basic 1-3-1 zone offense.  Very sloppy game for the Titans.

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