Thoughts from the 2013 Tipoff Classic

The 2013 Breakdown Tipoff Classic provided plenty of excitement.  Big performances, surprising blowouts and plenty of quality individual matchups.  In regards to the important data, both concession stands running which was a great choice.  Davanni's pizza was a must and you can't go wrong with cheese.  Pepsi was the beverage of the day.  Add 48oz to the counter.  Musically, we have to present something that goes with the high profile nature of the event.

Song of the Day
Big Time - Peter Gabriel

Total Beverage Consumption Counter: 360 ounces  (35 games, 24 days)
  • 36 oz Dr Pepper
  • 24 oz Sprite
  • 40 oz Red Powerade
  • 40 oz Red Gatorade
  • 140 oz Pepsi
  • 60 oz Coke
  • 20 oz Barq's Root Beer
Game 1: Holy Angels vs Hayfield
I only took in the 1st half of this one where Hayfield controlled the game before Holy Angels dominated the 2nd half.  Charlie Koontz would get good looks in the 1st half for AHA.  Really liked 4 year starter Cole Kruger for Hayfield.  Great moment at the end of the 1st half.  AHA goes to a 3-2 zone on the fly as Hayfield holds for the last shot.  Hayfield yells out a set zone lob play and gets the layup at the buzzer.  Great preparation and execution.

Game 2: Elk River vs Waconia
Elk River would start strong in this one with a 13-2 run.  Waconia would clay back to within 1 thanks to a 5:45 drought from the Elks.  Waconia 10-0 during that time.  Elk River's star forward Clay Elrod would finish the 1st half strong with the last 6 Elks points.  23-17 Elk River at half.  Waconia star Ryan Boll would score 5 in a row to cut the lead to 3.  Elrod counters with a 3 and Elk River goes on to extend the lead to 8.  Joey Korteum before Elrod and Boll trade hoops.  39-36 Elk River inside 7 to play.  Elk River goes 4 corners and on 3 straight trips gets a pair of 3s and fouled for 3 free throws.  That 13-2 run blows it open 52-38 with 2:26 left and Elk River wins 56-51.  Clay Elrod 20 pts and 11 boards, Ryan Boll 15 and 8.

Game 3: Shakopee vs #10AAAA St. Francis
Another good matchup of forwards in this one with Tyler Weiss going up against Jake Johnson.  But it really never happened as both teams played 2-3 zone.   St. Francis would only get 4 2 point field goals all day to go with 4 free throws and 9 3s.  3 of those from Jake Johnson showing why everybody in the NSIC wanted him.  Shakopee started 8-0 with St. Francis scoring the next 12 and the game was very tight the rest of the way.  Shakopee missed 2 late front ends but St. Francis couldn't get a good look at the end.  Weiss 10 points, Johnson 3 3s and 15 points.

Game 4: Tartan vs Rice Lake (WI)
I saw the last couple minutes of the 1st half and the entire 2nd half of this one.  Tartan with a 9 point halftime lead despite a large half from the beast known as Henry Ellenson.  But he wouldn't get any help and Keenen Bellaphant was too much for Tartan.  Ellenson goes nuts for 36, 14 and 6 blocks. Bellaphant goes for 23 points.  Eric Winter with 17 points.  Bellaphant DNP when I saw Tartan on Monday and you can see how different a team they are with him playing.

Game 5: #7AAAA Champlin Park vs #5AAAA Eden Prairie
Champlin Park would go on a 13-2 run after Eden Prairie scored the 1st hoop.  EP would cut the lead to 20-14 thanks to a Blake Cashman bucket at the 9:09 mark.  Frosh McKinley Wright would come off the Rebels bench to score 5 quick points.  JT Gibson with 1 3 and Marty Hill with 2 in a 22-6 run to end the half.  Rebels by 22 at half and they win 81-65.  Grantham Gillard 18 of his 22 in the 2nd half for EP.  4 in double figures for Champlin Park. 4 3s and 20 points from Marty Hill.  16 from JT Gibson.  Hill and Jeremy Johnson fill out a starting group with 5 weapons for a very dangerous Champlin Park team.  They have a great case to take the #3 spot in the next state poll (though CDH might have a problem with that, hint foreshadowing)

Game 6: Robbinsdale Armstrong vs #9AAAA Roseville
A good game early tied at 23 before Armstrong goes on an 18-4 run.  Evan Nolan 6 in a row to start the run before he sat with 2 fouls.  Roseville could close the gap to 42-32 at half.  Roseville did have some success trying to speed Armstrong up.  A Kyler Briggity steal for 2 free throws would pull the Raiders within 50-46 with 11:46 to play.  Sean Burns would counter with 5 in a row to push the lead back to 9.  Lance Gardner carrying the 2nd half offense for Roseville.  His stretch of 9 of 11 Raiders points and then a Kobe Critchley 3 with 5:35 left still saw the Raiders down 4.  But Armstrong would answer with 6 straight points from the foul line to push the lead back to 10.  Armstrong wins 83-71.  Lance Gardner 16 of his 19 points in the 2nd half.  Kyler Brggity 3 bombs and 15 points.  Ryan Casperson 21 points, 9-9 FTs.  Evan Nolan with 16 of his 20 in the 1st half.

Game 7: #3AAAA Hopkins vs #4AAAA Lakeville North
Early struggles for JP Macura in this one as he had 5 quick turnovers.  But coach Oxton would give him a breather to settle him down and he would come back strong.  Stephon Sharpe would control the inside as Hopkins sliced up the 2-3 zone and hammered Lakeville North on the offensive glass.  Despite all that Lakeville North would hang around.  A Macura 3 and scoop for 2 put the Panthers up 30-29.  Hopkins would counter with a 13-2 run but Macura would score 7 in a 12-4 surge to end the half.  46-42 Hopkins at the break.  Macura with 21, Sharpe with 18.

Amir Coffey for 3, then John Warren with 7 straight for Hopkins followed by a turnover for 2 Sharpe freebies.  62-49 Hopkins with 12:44 left.  Kamali Chambers chest to chest with Macura in the full court and he picks 2 quick fouls which sends him to the bench with 4 12:33 left.   Macura takes a turnover for a layup and buries a 3 at the 8:05 mark to end a 14-2 North run.  64-63 Hopkins.  Macura inside on the post for 4 more quick points and he adds 2 more for 11 straight North points.  Alex Reiland adds a 3 and North has a 72-69 lead with 4:50 left.  Jake Wright finally gets loose for a 3 and Coffey take a steal for 2.  He adds a free throw and the 7-0 run puts Hopkins up 4.  Hopkins makes enough free throws down the stretch to keep it from being a 1 possession game and they win 89-84.  JP Macura goes for 48 points, 6 boards, 5 assists, 3 blocks and 8 turnovers.  Stephon Sharpe with 25 points and Amir Coffey with 20 to lead Hopkins.

Game 8: #2AAAA Osseo vs #1AAA De La Salle
An early 10-3 De La Salle run puts them up 19-10.  Sacar Anim 5 in a row to start the run and an emphatic lefty finish of a turnover by Josh Collins to end that run.  Jordan Dembley on the bench with 2 quick fouls for Osseo and with him sitting, Osseo had no chance to get into anything offensively.  Anim takes a turnover for another layup at the 7 minute mark for a 28-12 lead.  Dembley comes back in but Wheeler Baker picks up his 3rd at the 5:30 mark.  Anim converts the free throw and finds Jarvis Johnson for a layup to keep the lead at 16.  Ian Theisen would carry the Osseo offense as they end the half on a 11-2 run.  36-28 De La Salle at the half.

Theisen with 5 in a row and the lead is down to 38-35.  Total run for Osseo is 18-4 across halftime.  But Wheeler Baker is on the bench with a quick 4th foul.  Geno Crandall for 2 and then Jarvis Johnson up top to Sacar Anim for the lob dunk on the break.  Johnson buries a 3 and the lead is back to 10.  Dembley with a charge for his 4th with 9:36 left and then Baker fouls out on a cheap 5th with 8:53 left. No danger the rest of the way.  De La Salle wins 63-55.  Jarvis Johnson 21 points, Sacar Anim 14.  Ian Theisen with 18.

Game 9: #6AAAA Cretin-Derham Hall at Minnetonka
A Justin Moes triple pulls Minnetonka within 9-8 at the 12:16 mark.  Then 9 in a row from Sam Neumann including a pair of 3s spark a 13-2 run for 23-10 lead.  Delshon Strickland carries the Tonka offense the rest of the half.  CDH 52-37 at the half.  They blow the doors off in the 2nd half as they roll 112-82.  Sam Neumann and Delshon Strickland with 27 points each.  Donnell Gresham with 20.  Not what you see from a Tom Dasovich team.  Not physical, didn't find Neumann or seem to have a plan for him and despite giving up 52 in the 1st half, they give up 60 in the 2nd.

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