Arlington at MN Transitions Thoughts

A Wednesday game in the kingdom as Arlington travels to MN Transitions. Last year this was a thriller with Virgil Baker nailing a buzzer beater to win it. Holy Family looking on for their game next Tuesday against MTS. And we have one of more quick trigger refs in the metro doing the game. For those of you who had him in your fantasy leagues, he tossed the MTS JV coach during the first half of the JV game.

Furious pace to start. Jerrell Washington with 7 quick MTS points and we're tied at 14 barely 3 minutes into the game. Deondre White goes right baseline and hammers one home to wake the crowd up. That gives Arlington an 18-16 lead at 13:35. Washington with a 3 point play and then Kevin Noreen with back to back triples and a hoop for 8 in a row. 29-25 MTS at 9:10. MTS then starts to pull away. Kyle Noreen with a 3, Kevin Noreen with a layup and then a 3 point play from Kyle. Kevin finds Kyle for 3 near the end of the run. 22-5 MTS over 5:30 to give the Wolves a 51-31 lead with 3:37 left in the half. Kyle then shoots a 3 that hits front iron and then settles on the bracket supporting the rim. Try that at home to see how soft a touch you have . 54-38 MTS at the break. Kevin Noreen with 17 and 7. Jerrell Washington with 15. Andre Ingram with 6 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks for MTS. Deondre White with 13 points to lead Arlington.

After an Arlington 3 to open the half, MTS gets a Washington putback and 3 point play along with a Kevin Noreen 3 point play for an 8-0 run. 62-41 MTS at 16:37. Kevin Noreen with a couple of layups and a couple of putbacks, Washington with a dunk and then a reverse dunk as MTS blows the game open. 78-50 with 11:35 remaining. So after the 1st hoop of the half by the Phoenix, MTS on a 24-9 run over 6 minutes. Washington goes left baseline for a thunderous 2 handed dunk and the foul with 3:07 left to put MTS at the century mark. 100-76 and both Washington and Kevin Noreen are done for the night. MTS wins 104-87.

Final score doesn't reflect that MTS controlled the 2nd half. My sheet may not be right but it should be pretty close. Kevin Noreen with 31 and 13, ho hum. Jerrell Washington with 35. Andre Ingram with 7 points, 9 boards and 6 blocks patrolling the middle. DeMarkeo Jones with 30 for Arlington in the loss.


  1. I wish you would have specified who the MTS JV coach is, because I have already received one text this morning making fun of me for getting tossed. LOL

  2. HA! MTS didn't have programs last night so I didn't have the name in front of me.

    For the record, I believe it was coach Fuller who got tossed. Same ref also got the Arlington coach in the varsity game.

  3. First off I went to the MTS at Park Christian game. Saw second half of jv and MTS's coach made the strangest decisions when losing badely. Then when the varsity game came along he made himself look like a huge fool for getting ejected 1st half while winning by 15+. Also Kevin Noreen did not impress me at all. He was lazy and only had one mediocre move all game. Washington had all the highlights. My opinion Noreen is way to overatted


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