Concordia flashes the diamond against Cannon Valley Lutheran

We end the night at the Target Center with Parent's Night for Cannon Valley Lutheran. Concordia Academy of Bloomington gets the guest honors for the night in a boys and girls double-dip. The CVL girls use a packed in 1-3-1 zone for a 28-18 halftime lead. But Madeline Ehrich goes off for 24 of Concordia's 35 in the 2nd half and the Lancers steal a 53-49 win. Ehrich finished with 32. 6-4 junior center Megan Quiram for Cannon Valley Lutheran with 23 points in the loss and somebody needs to find her as she's a next level player.

Matt Saemrow with CVL's first 9 points of the night to counter 6 from Concordia's Sam Fink. 10-9 Concordia at 10:44 in a slow paced game due to both teams playing zone. After Concordia's post Andrew Erdman makes a jumper to tie it at 18, CVL gets triples from Bryan Lamont and Saemorw for the biggest lead of the half, 24-18 with 55 seconds left in the half. 24-20 CVL at the break. Saemrow with 14 points and 4 rebounds. Andrew Erdman with 6 points and 5 boards for Concordia. Jacob Moe with 4 points and 5 boards for Concordia. Concordia alternated man, 1-3-1 and 2-3 zone in the 1st half. Good job by both coaches to get everybody in the game to enjoy the Target Center experience.

Concordia comes out Diamond and 1 on Saemrow in the 2nd half. Caleb Rollins with the bulk of the duty along with Nick Noethe (yes it sounds like the famous actor). Saemrow gets no touches in the halfcourt and he's frustrated. Evan Johnson with a FT line jumper against the 2-3 zone. Fink with a steal for a layup and Concordia leads 38-33 with 10:45 left after a 10-2 run. Saemrow gets a defensive rebound and goes coast to coast for 2 free throws. Lamont with another triple and we're tied at 38 with 8:30 left. Concordia executing well against the 2-3 getting the ball to the high post and looking for the baseline guy at the rim. Jacob Moe in and now he's playing the foul line spot (something that should have been done earlier). He makes 2 FTs with 4:12 left for a 44-40 Concordia lead. Saemrow with a steal but misses the front end of the bonus with 3:45 left. Moe with a couple of misses around an Erdman block. CVL can't generate any offense against the Concordia Diamond and 1. Concordia wins 47-41.

For Concordia, Jacob Moe and Andrew Erdman with 12 points each to lead the Lancers. The Diamond and 1 holds CVL to 3 points in the last 8+ minutes. CVL gets a game high 16 from Matt Saemrow but no FGs in the 2nd half thanks to the tough defense of Rollins and Noethe. His only touches were on rebounds in the 2nd half. Bryan Lamont with 3 triples for a total of 9 points. He really could have been a zone buster vs that diamond and 1. All in all a very fun night for the kids as they got their chance to play at Target Center and take all the pictures on the court along with having Parent's Night.

Steve Froemming from Steven's Sports Report had these thoughts on the game.

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