Stillwater puts the lid on Mahtomedi's basket

So after the Central/Roseville game I made my way to the Target Center for the evening session. I arrive at the Stillwater/Mahtomedi game with 4 minutes left in the 1st half. Jon Krebs for Mahtomedi and Ryan Duxbury of Stillwater get it done in the 1st half with 11 and 8 points respectively in the 1st half. Miles Heller and Adam Habisch with 8 points each for Stillwater as well. Back and forth in those last 4 minutes as Mahtomedi leads 38-34 at the break. To the 2nd half we go.

Matt David with a 3 and then Krebs with a nice cut behind the zone to get himself a layup at 15:40. Mahtomedi up 45-38. Then the Mahtomedi basket disappears as they get 1 offensive rebound basket and that's all for a 9 minute 40 second stretch. Paul Franklin with a crossover for 2 and a triple. Alex Oman makes a living at the free throw line as Stillwater in the bonus at the 9 minute mark. Krebs makes a jumper with 6 minutes left to break the run but the damage is done as Stillwater leads 61-49. Its a 23-2 Stillwater run with a scoreless stretch for Mahtomedi of 8:50. Stillwater only gets 1 FG in the last 6:45 but they live at the line for a 74-59 win.

For Mahtomedi, Jon Krebs with a nice game of 18 points. The Zephyrs were 2-4 in the 2nd half from the foul line. They had couldn't buy a hoop against the 1-2-2 zone that Stillwater played but they did have some good looks. Stillwater was 22-26 from the line in the 2nd half alone. All 5 starters in double figures for the Ponies with Alex Oman going 10-10 from the charity stripe in the 2nd half and finishing with 19 points to lead the way. Ryan Duxbury with 8 points and 7 rebounds in the 2nd half alone. He finished with 16 points. One of the more amazing facts of the year for me as Stillwater did not make a single substitution in the 2nd half.

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