StarTrib updates on Conference Realignment

On the StarTrib preps blog, John Millea updated the conference realignment saga. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Edina, Minnetonka and Wayzata had applied to the Lake. 12 teams already there and they don't want any part of the full blown realignment discussions amongst all the big conferences. If they take more than 5 seconds to consider that application, I'll be surprised.

Armstrong would rather be in the NW Suburban due to a better mix of teams. There aren't as many teams at the lower levels in the N Suburban which would cost some of their teams games. While the NW Suburban denied Armstrong, it wasn't because they didn't like having them in the league. They're just waiting to sort all of this out which I think is the right move.

Once again here's the realignment plan that I put together back in August of 2007 (before anybody including John Millea) and still holds today with East Ridge in the Suburban East and Chanhassen with Chaska in that section of the Lake. I also realigned the smaller conferences too.

(Czar's Note: 1/8/09. Millea also added in this post after the original post.)

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