Jan 2009 updates on Jett, Calcaterra, Bjorklund

Last Friday NY2LA Sports released comments on Marshall Bjorklund, Chad Calcaterra and Jordair Jett (I'm cheating calling him a 2010 kid since he'll do prep school for a year). They list a handful of offers for Jett and see Bjorklund getting high major offers this year (not sure if I personally agree with that due to Bjorklund's height, but you have to like his game.) They also project where a couple of these kids will play this summer. No huge surprises there but worth noting anyway.

They also reference Minnetonka sophomore Nick Latzke who I talked about when I saw Minnetonka take on Hopkins last week.

I saw Terry Taylor play at the start of the season. Nice player as a point guard. #4 Frosh in Wisconsin Tony Mayfield was also in that game and he'll be a nice player too.

It'll be interesting to see what role (if any) Phillip Nolan plays for Milwaukee Vincent in the East Metro Showcase (he's also mentioned in the piece). He was #5 in the class of 2012 rankings released by Wishoops last week.

Read the full NY2LA Sports article here.


  1. Having played with Marshall's older brother throughout my entire life, I have known Marshall for quite awhile. I have watched him develop into a D-1 caliber player, much like his older sister (the only D-1 player to ever come out of Sibley East). Watching him this year has been a treat, but I will agree with you when you say his size is not big enough for a major school. If he happens to shoot up in length after this year (well, 2 inches would be nice.. with the size of his father, it could happen) I would see him as possibly a smaller Major conference player. An Atlantic 10 type of conference. But with his skill range, and lack of overall height.. I see him playing at a mid-major school. There is no denying the kid has major talent, and he has proved it against the top players in not only the state, but the country. If he has a big AAU season this upcoming summer though, recruiters might overlook his height a bit. I think a 6'7 - 6'8 power forward with his post moves could possibly creak major.

  2. Right on the money Giesenator. That hits every important point and I think you're completely right. He's got the effort and toughness inside. If he does what Broghammer did this summer and proves he can consistently make the 15 FT jumper, that will help in addition to adding 2 or 3 inches. Not unheard of for an undersized post to succeed at a big school (Patrick Tompkins of my beloved Badgers comes to mind). I won't make the Barkley or Larry Johnson comparison since both were so much more than post players.

    No reason that right now he can't have the same type of career that a guy like Eric Coleman had at UNI. He's the former Tartan lefty post who was Missouri Valley frosh of the year once upon a time. Northern Iowa.


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