Big matchup of 2009 stars on TV.

If you're a hoops fan but don't want to brave the bitter cold, ESPN2 has a real good one for you tonight at 8 PM in a battle of 2009 stars. #2 DeMarcus Cousins of Mobile LeFlore vs #4 Derrick Favors (committed to Georgia Tech last night) of South Atlanta, GA tonight (rankings from Game is being played at Alabama-Birmingham's gym. That's where Cousins wants to go (him and coach Mike Davis are tight), but they wouldn't give him language to get out of his letter of intent if Davis left. LeFlore and Cousins played here in the 2008 Timberwolves Shootout in a tight game against Jared Berggren and Princeton.

Read this "What to Watch For" including matchups and other players of note in the game from ESPNRise.

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