Wayzata hangs on after big lead vs Washburn.

Cedric Martin

A very nice start to this Saturday as #6AAAA Wayzata travels to #3AAA Washburn. Very disappointing crowd for this one. Former Wayzata coach Phil Ward and the Novaks on hand. And Rene Pulley (cha ching). Mike Much on hand but without the yellow shirt. What's the world coming too?

Kellen Taylor matched up with Cedric Martin in this one in a nice matchup. Nolan Odland off to a very quick start in this one for Wayzata as he hits 3 triples. Wayzata gets 3 more triples as threes make up their first 18 points. 18-12 Wayzata at 12:50. Ra'Shede Hageman trying to keep Washburn in it with play in the post. He makes a nice spin move for 2 and its 20-16 Wayzata at 10:30. But Washburn doesn't go back to Hageman and Wayzata goes on a 19-3 run over the next 6:45 for a 39-19 lead. Taylor makes a 3 to keep the lead at 20 with 2:30 left in the half (44-24). Washburn counters with an 11-1 run to end the half. Hageman with 14 and 5 in the half. Nolan Odland huge with 19 for Wayzata in the half. Wayzata with 8 triples in the half. Dylan Hale with only 2 points and 3 fouls. Cedric Martin with only 4 points in the half.

The first 6:30 of the 2nd half finds the teams trading buckets. Maybe more appropriately Wayzata trading with Hageman as he gets 4 post buckets during that time and that doesn't include another couple of trips to the foul line. 61-52 with 11:30 left. Martin then hangs and gets banged for a 3 point play. Taylor with a layin off a Millers turnover. Hageman again on the post. 63-57 Wayzata with 7:45 to play. Jordan Osberg puts back a miss to cut it to 4. Jamar Franks with 1 of 2. 66-60 Wayzata with 5:13 to go. Martin with a tough hoop and Osberg converts a Wayzata turnover into a layup. 66-64 Trojans at 4:39 and Wayzata takes a timeout. Hageman again on the block for 68-66 Wayzata at 3:40, then 2 FTs at 3:02 for 70-68 Wayzata. Franks with both ends of the bonus at 2:02 for a 72-68 lead. Hageman again at 1:45. Brandon King strips Franks and goes the other way for the layup to tie it at 72 with 1:18 left. Washburn all the way back from 20 down and they have momentum. Franks with a layup with 52 seconds left off a insanely good pass from Eren Cur to break the tie. Out of a timeout, Washburn runs a Hageman down screen for Hale who quick triggers the open triple and misses. Franks fouled and misses the front end of the bonus with 30 seconds left. Osburg with a good look in the lane but its no good and Jarrod Peterson hauls in that rebound too. Franks misses the front end of the bonus again with 7 seconds left. Washburn rushes the rebound to the front court and takes timeout with 4 seconds left. Then run Hale off a double screen to the top of the key but that's just an illusion to throw a lob to Hageman on the right block. But Cedric Martin throws it right thru the hoop and Wayzata has it back. Franks makes 2 FTs with 3 seconds left for the 76-72 Wayzata win.

For Wayzata, Nolan Odland with 23 (19 in the 1st half). Kellen Taylor with a nice game of 15 and 9. Jarrod Peterson solid with 15 points and a couple of clutch rebounds late. I was stunned that they stayed behind Hageman all night. They did try a couple of doubles late, but they were half-hearted or from the wrong direction and had zero impact. The few times they fronted they had success but never went back to it. I did like how their posts did a nice job of making themselves available as outlets in their motion offense (Cur and Taylor).

For Washburn, how big was Hageman? 7 rebounds to go with 32 points. All him all day. Hard to imagine a post player of his caliber getting that many good touches and looks. But that took Martin and Hale out of it. Those 2 combined for a total of 3 field goals and 13 points. The call for Hale late seemed strange when Hageman was having so much success on the left block. You could have run that to the other side for Martin and had it as a 2 way option (Martin for 3 and then look for Hageman inside).

Cedric Martin picture courtesy of MNPhotoNet.net

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