ESPN releases in-season class of 2009 Rankings

On January 13th, ESPN released their in-season rankings for the class of 2009 . Read the entire rankings here. Here are the changes to Minnesota players (and others of note) from the last period (August 19, 2008). Read analysis of the new rankings, including an explanation of the drop of Rodney Williams in the ESPN article here. You'll find it to be consistent with what Rivals said last August. I made some comments last August similar to these as well.

Minnesota Players
  • Royce White #25, Minnesota (previous #23)
  • Rodney Williams Jr #40 (previous #29)
Wisconsin Players
  • Jeronne Maymon #55, Marquette (previous #76)
  • Jamil Wilson #62 (previous #60)
Other players who have appeared locally
  • DeMarcus Cousins #4, UAB (no change)
  • DJ Richardson #51, Illinois (previous #56)
  • Naji Hibbert #61, Texas A&M (previous #59)

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