Hopkins blows out Minnetonka

Ray Cowles

Ah, the thrill, the pagentry, the game that is Hopkins vs Minnetonka. My first time seeing these 2 teams in their rivalry. Disappointing student section from Minnetonka as very few of their kids showed up. The Hopkins students out in force of course and a nice crowd of adults in the stands. Armstrong and Sibley looking on along with Northern Illinois. Rodney Williams and Cooper's longtime assistant also on hand for this one.

Early we have free throws for a 7-1 Hopkins lead. Nick Latzke with a triple for the 1st Tonka FG of the night at 15:10. Lockett with a 3 at 14:35 and its 12-5 Hopkins in a furious pace. Latzke again with a 3 at 11:10 to cut the Hopkins lead to 22-18. After Royce White misses 2 free throws, Cole Stefan with a triple at 9:41 and Minnetonka is within 26-21. Blake Nelson with a 3 point play for Tonka at 8:10, 31-24 Hopkins. Then the roof caves in for Tonka. Royce White nails a triple, Cowles with a 3, Lockett from deep again, Broghammer with a dunk off a Tonka turnover, Cowles with another 3, Lockett again for 3 and Cowles beats the halftime horn with a triple. 60-30 Hopkins at the break. Tonka with 2 field goals in the last 7 minutes of the half as Hopkins ends it with a 34-9 run. 9 triples for Hopkins. Lockett with 5 of them for 15 points, Cowles with 3 more for 17 points and 6 rebounds. Marvin Singleton with 9 and 5 off the bench. Royce with 5 points but 0-6 FTs. Nick Latzke with 3 triples for 11 points. Cole Stefan with 5 on 2-10 shooting.

Royce comes out on fire in the 2nd half. A bucket to start the half, an assist to Lockett, 2 more then an assist to Broghammer that Royce probably should have scored himself. He gets a triple and then concludes his night with a dunk in a 2-1 that I was surprised he didn't give up (being he was looking for assists per the Star Trib article from last week). The top 10 sit the last 8:45 as Hopkins uses a 12-0 run over 2 minutes to put us over the top of the mercy rule. Hopkins wins 106-62.

For Minnetonka, Cole Stefan with 15 on 5-16 shooting by my sheet (3-9 on 3s). He tried to force some shots with Lockett guarding him, but nothing would have mattered on this night. Nick Latzke looks to be a better shooter than his brother Andrew who had a very nice career for the Skippers. 5 more triples for 21 points tonight. The Skippers fall to 6-4 and 0-1 in the Classic Lake. They go on the road for 3 with trips to Kennedy, Apple Valley and Columbia Heights in the next 9 days before getting 6 of 7 at home (exception is the Jan 24th trip to Cooper). Tor Anderson lit up the JV game with 5 triples and 21 points on 7-21 FGs. Joe Coleman played the 1st half of the JV game and had a handful (4-5) dunks slashing thru the Tonka D.

For Hopkins, Ray Cowles with his 17 and 6 in the 1st half. Royce White finishes with 15 but 1-8 from the foul line. He had 2 or 3 silly turnovers trying to get assists. Trent Lockett with 17. Marvin Singleton with a nice night off the bench inside. Hopkins made everything and hit the boards hard. 13 total 3s for the Royals. If they shoot it that well, forget about it. They easily could have put up 125-140 in this one as they had 94 before the mercy rule could even go into effect. They didn't hit 100 until 4:45 left. Joe Coleman played the 1st half of the JV game and had a handful (4-5) dunks slashing thru the Tonka D. Hopkins 9-0 going into the monster game at Sibley.

Mike Broghammer had some comments on the team and news on a trip to Notre Dame if you missed that scroll earlier today. Read that here.

Raymond Cowles picture courtesy of MNPhotoNet.net

Steve Froemming from Steven's Sports Report also attended the game. Read his article here.

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