Impact of the HS Shot Clock

While Minnesota has not yet fully adopted the 35-second shot clock, South Dakota has implemented it fully this season for their 17 biggest schools (Class AA). The Sioux Falls Argus Leader had an article yesterday on how its gone so far. Some interesting number crunching there.

While many teams can't (and don't) hold the ball for 35 seconds, I've never been a shot clock fan. I've never liked the idea of having it for just certain levels as that creates a separation of classes. And what would a team like De La Salle do if we implemented the shot clock for just AAA and AAAA. They're a AAA team in a AA league and would play without it for most of the 2nd half of the season and then have to use it in tournaments. A shot clock for small schools who don't have the talent would be really ugly to watch.

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  1. another issue is this you are adding another person to the scoring table, and this will usually be a kid who doesn't know what to watch for.


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