MN Transitions breaks the Roosevelt curse

So MN Transitions had lost 4 straight to Roosevelt. That included a bitter loss last year where Roosevelt came from behind to win. Would Kevin Noreen finally get a win against the Teddies?

MTS comes out in their standard 1-2-1-1 press. They make 5 of 6 free throws and get a Jerrell Washington layup for the 1st 7 of the game in 1:04. Roosevelt gives up the 1st 10 before James Smith makes a couple free throws at 14:53. Gobana Sameru with the 1st Roosevelt FG, a three, at 14:05 and its 10-5 MTS. Daniel Bolden with 3 at 11:41 to keep the margin at 5, 20-15 Wolves. Roosevelt doing a good enough job against the press to get MTS out of it and using a 2-3 zone to slow pace. But MTS won't be denied. They get a big dunk from Washington for a 32-17 lead. Kevin Noreen picks up his 3rd foul on a reach in at 5:15 and he's gone to the bench for the rest of the half but the margin is 38-20. Washington goes off in his absence converting half court Roosevelt turnovers into 2 big dunks and another layin. 44-20 Wolves. He then knocks down back to back triples late in the half for a 54-23 MTS halftime lead. Washington with 21 on 4 dunks. Kevin Noreen with 14 quick ones and finishes the half with 18.

Kevin Noreen comes out en fuego in the 2nd half. 9 of the 1st 11 points and he assisted on the other 2. No defense at all early in the half as both teams go up and down and get whatever they want. Noreen gets his 4th at 13:28 on a charge but he'll stay in with a 74-33 lead. He then gets a couple of buckets, 2 and the foul and makes a 3. 88-43 at the 11 minute mark and Kevin has 24 in the half. He adds 1 more triple before the mercy rule sets in and the stars sit out all of the mercy rule time. 112-61 Minnesota Transitions wins.

For Roosevelt, Calvin Jenkins with 17 as he was left open for 3 triples. They have South and Armstrong this week. Funny that South coach Joe Hyser showed up for the 2nd half of this one to scout. I can't imagine he got much out of that.

For MTS, Kevin Noreen finishes with 42 points, but because he was out high in the MTS halfcourt trap, only 2 rebounds. But big brother giveth as I had Kyle Noreen for 13 rebounds. Jerrell Washington with 30 and he had a couple of monster dunks where he really got up. When he stayed straight up and down on his shot from deep he was effective, but he had at least 3 misses where he was fading away unnecessarily. Interesting that Washington and especially Noreen played out high in the MTS trap with Kyle Noreen and Mac Ingram on the 2nd line. Kevin Noreen may be long at 6'8, but he's not quick. MTS gave up a ton of dribble penetration in the zone trap which is never good. They also didn't shoot it well tonight. Kyle Noreen was especially cold. MTS gets to face a couple of interesting players coming up as they host Cotton on Saturday and then I'll see them again next Monday against Robbie Anderstrom and New Life Academy. That dribble drive motion that NLA runs would be nice against the MTS zones.

I won't embarrass the person who mentioned this to me, but this was an interesting point and is the subject of the poll that went up tonight. With St. Bernard's and Minnehaha losing very good groups of seniors and Zach Towle graduating for Concordia, should MTS move to AA. This year ends the current 2 year classification period and MTS could opt up for 2 years starting next year. Vote now.


  1. I was at that game, and i have too say that MTS did a great job... WE DA BEST and WE GOING TOO STATE.......... AGAIN

  2. My first memory of MN Transitions was when Cash ??? put up 100 pts. against highly inferior competition, and I have kept and eye on them since. I think a move up a class would do wonders for the school, and give them decent competition year round. Plus I would love seeing Noreen take on Bjorklund in the state tournament :-)

  3. Cash Eggleston, I saw him put up a bunch on SPA that year. They were a much different team then as they really got up and down. Marshall vs Kevin would be fun.


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