Millea rehashes conference realignment ideas

John Millea put all of his thoughts from the Star Trib Preps blog together in an article on the conference realignment saga today. Nothing really new here besides some minor expansion on the idea of a "super" football conference. With somebody like Blaine or Champlin moving in. For competition maybe, but otherwise I don't think that makes any sense. This whole thing about enrollments is insane anyway. Its one thing when the difference is 100 students vs 400 students. Entirely another when its 1800 vs 2100 students. All these schools are AAAA schools and have to compete against these kids at the state level anyway. If its that big a deal, have a 16 team AAAAA class.

The idea of Chaska and Chanhassen going to the Missota is restated. Chaska was a member of the Missota until they outgrew it. Seems strange to me that they'd go back there only to eventually outgrow the league again anyway.

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