Burnsville outlasts Jefferson

My first trip to Jefferson this year. Staff Appreciation night brought to you by ... Are you kidding me? Burnsville is notorious for all of their advertising, but this??? I know schools need revenue, but do we have to go to this low of a level. We also have the Jefferson pep band playing Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams, which seemed somewhat out of place but at least it was performed well. Jim Dimick of Richfield taking a look at Jefferson for section play.

Moses Alipate with a layup for Jefferson for an early 4-2 Jags lead. Then Burnville heats up from deep. Patrick Rogers one for the show, two on the road, three with a hand that's steady and Landon Berge for 4 in a row. 12-2 Burnsville run over 2 minutes on those triples and Jefferson needs time. 14-6 Blaze at 13:50. Jeff Fallat with a Burnsville bucket at the 7 minute mark to extend the Blaze lead to 30-18. A post 2 by Fallat gives Burnsville their biggest lead of 13, 35-22, at 2:50. Jefferson hangs around to be down 37-27 at the break. Rogers with 4 of Burnsville's 7 triples and a bucket for 14 points. Fallat with 9. Devon Knopke quiet with 2 points on 1-5 FGs. Moses Alipate with 8 Jefferson points. Marcus Alipate with 7. With about 5 minutes left in the half, Jefferson tried to go zone and Burnsville pulled the ball out to force Jefferson back in the man defense. Fans don't like it but I'm a big fan. But if you do it and then a team comes back for the lead and then goes zone, you could have a major issue on your hands.

After giving up the 1st basket of the second half, Jefferson goes on a 12-2 run over 3 minutes. Moses Alipate with a nice sequence of knocking down a 3 and then drawing back to back charges. 41-39 Burnsville at 13:44. Burnsville pushes the lead back to 6. But Moses flashes to the post for 2 and then runs out and gets himself 2 free throws. That ties the game at 47 with 11:04 to play. Jeff Plummer hesitates but knocks down a 3 anyway and Fallat follows with a layup. Jefferson zones an inbounds and Burnsville pulls it out. Knopke drives and finds Alex Wheeler against it at 7:50. Berge with a steal for 2 at 6:58 to finish an 11-2 Burnsville run over 4:06 after Jefferson had tied it. 58-49 Blaze. Jefferson won't go away quietly though. They get 8 in a row over 1:50. Chad Foslein with a couple of layups on nice assists in the run. Marcus Alipate with both ends of the 1 and 1 at 3:47 to finish the run. 60-59 Burnsville. Knopke with a pretty backcut for 2 on the next possession. Jefferson timeout at 2:31 down 3. They attempt to run a triangle inside looking for a post up, but a pass is thrown right to Fallat at 2:03. Burnsville goes to their delay game but Chad Gilmer with a steal and finds Moses Alipate for a layup with 1:37 left. 62-61 Burnsville. Knopke drives and makes 2 free throws at 1:08. Jefferson runs a flare screen for Marcus Alipate on the next possession. Burnsville closes out on it and Marcus drives and charges with 53.1 seconds left. Jefferson looks for the steal before fouling Knopke with 36.9 left. He steps up and clutch is everything in life as he buries both ends of the 1 and 1. Burnsville goes 1-3-1 and Moses Alipate has a wide open 3 with 20 seconds left that doesn't go down. Knopke with 2 more free throws to finish the night. Burnsville wins 68-61.

For Jefferson, Moses Alipate with 19 points. Chad Gilmer with 14 points. Marcus Alipate with 7 points. Jeff Plummer did a nice job on him. As always, the Jaguars were very methodical on the offensive end and due to Burnsville's shooting I think that forced them to play more man defense than they wanted to. Jefferson did use a diamond press in the 2nd half and did have some success with it. Surprised that Burnsville didn't handle that better.

For Burnsville, Patrick Rogers with 14 of his 16 in the 1st half. Jeff Fallat with 13. Devon Knopke with 14 including the last 10 of the game. 2 on a backcut and 8 for 8 from the foul line. No Jack Ghizoni tonight. Burnsville runs more high post stuff than anybody I see and they get good looks. They started 8-0 and with this win are 5-7 since. They improve to 8-7 in the Lake and move 1 game behind Chaska who lost a chance to move into a tie for 3rd with Jefferson by losing at Apple Valley tonight.

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