2009 AAU Week 3 Preview

This weekend I pack up the castle and travel to Denver to follow Pump N Run and Net Gain at the Double Pump Spring Tournament. Lots of good west coast talent in that one. I should have late night reports on Friday and Saturday before a late night return to the Kingdom on Sunday. A different schedule in this tourney with 2 pool games and then bracket play starts late Saturday afternoon with 38 teams making the championship bracket in 17U. Nothing like an early exit. Its possible Net Gain and PNR could meet in the 1st round of bracket play. 1 team would have to win their pool with the other finishing 2nd to make that happen. Along the same lines, one of those teams could run into Howard Pulley nemesis KC Pump N Run in the 2nd round on Saturday night. That game could be a preview of a big game in 2 weeks at the Jayhawk Invitational.

The local tournament of note is the Twin City Spring Jam at the Colin Powell Center in Minneapolis. 2 4-team pools in the 17U division. TNL should roll in their pool. I'll take Triple Threat 2nd there. In the other pool, that's more balanced. There's Fury's 3rd team and I don't know what Select will bring. I'll take the TC Elite in that pool and TNL to win the title.

A very nice weekend at the MYAS level as well. MN Comets White and Hoops Training will have teams in the 17U/19U Division at Shakopee. In Forest Lake's 17U/19U division, MN Xplosion get a bad draw in the MN Magic 19 Red squad (see last year's Magic SuperFriends squad) of Greg Meyer, David Burnham, Jim Hill, Isaiah Thomas and Chris Breuer amongst others. Magic 17U Blue with Hudson big Eric Schmechel and Roseville's David Michaelson is the 1 team in the top half of the draw that I know anything about.

And the 15U division at Apple Valley is loaded. MN Suns 15U Briggity with Darian Pittman (MCA) and Darrien Johnson (Richfield) gets an opening bye. Net Gain and the 3rd 43 Hoops 15U team are there. But 2 major teams of note open against each other at 2:50 PM on Saturday. That's the MN Static (super stud 8th grader Riley Dearring) vs 43 Hoops Gameli. That Gameli squad is all 8th graders and a 7th grader but they won the 15U division at the Comets tournament. The winner of that game could see the Suns Briggity squad in the semis at 10:10 Sunday morning.


  1. Enjoy the trip to Denver. There's been a lot of discussion regarding the top AAU program in the state. I'm not sure it matters but what are your thoughts on Pulley, Net Gain, P&R and 43 Hoops?

    As far as 15U in AV. Agree with your assessement and everyone on the Gameli squad is looking forward to seeing Dearing. Looks like a great talent!

  2. Oh and for edification, I meant to say, I'm not sure it matters who the top program is but what are your thoughts.....

  3. Hello again Pimp, right on the money on the 15s, if I were in the Cities, I would be at that game. Hopefully they hook up again at the state AAU Tournament.

    As to the top program, it depends on your definition. If I had to rank those 4 top 17 teams right now, I'd say PNR, Net Gain, 43 Hoops and then HP. Tough to say anything about Net Gain but I'm taking offense over defense.

    I'm going to be very interested to see what Pulley does this season when Harrison Barnes isn't playing with them. Their tournament in 3 weeks will tell us a ton about them.

  4. ganelli wasnt that good they have good players that dont play well together and a 6'10 guy

  5. Good win for Mn P&R. Nice to see Mn representing well nationwide. Interesting take on Pulley but I agree it's a down year for them.

    As far as 15U in AV. Dearing appeared to have a right hand injury which limited his game as they went out in the semi's after a 35-24 halftime lead. The Magic Elite (I believe was a 14U) look very strong. Great play from a 7th grade PG and they play very well as a team. I understand they've played together for a couple of years and appear to be nicely coached as well.

    Gameli? Athletic but it'll take some time for the team to gell. They are in Ohio this weekend at the King James Classic.

  6. I was at the TNL/Urban Stars Sping Jam. It was a great tournament. I was disappointed to see another tie breaker decide the fate of the tourney in the 16u division. Three teams tied at 2 wins with 1 loss. Old Skool Minnesota and TNL were clearly two of the best teams in the Tournament and TNL went on to Win the tourney while Old Skool won the third place game (Old Skool Beat TNL in Pool Play). Congrats to TNL.

  7. At the 16u division i see the Madison Spartan finishing strong and reaching the finals. With lighting quick point guard Nimrod Hilliard,and high skilled wings Tre Burnette and Mile Chamberlain. With the emergence of wing/forward Chris Hawkins they will be ready for the challenge.
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