2009 Coaches All-Star Series in St. Cloud

Some thoughts on the night that was the coaches association all-star series in St. Cloud.

2 dunks of note in the dunk contests. Rodney Williams Jr taking off from a step inside the foul line and flying and finishing with a 1 handed hammer. That gave him a win. Dylan Hale missed his 1st dunk and finished with an impressive between the legs switch and throwdown but it wasn't enough to beat the only guy who made both his dunks, Josh Figini. He did a nice Kenny Smith dunk going backwards between the legs from the FT line off the backboard and finishing.

To the games. In the early game, a nice ovation for hometown hero Nate Wolters of the Blue team in the starting lineup. He obliges with 4 of the 6 points in his 1st 5 minute rotation (kids play 5 minutes and then do a full line change to the other 5 guys). Eric Shulstad sick and DNP tonight which is a shame. Hopefully he's better for tomorrow. Damarius Cruz and Zach Towle really up the tempo for the Gold squad in their rotations. That group finishes their rotation giving up a 10-0 run over 2 minutes. Cedric Martin back in for the Gold squad and he nails 4 triples in his 5 minute rotation. In the last 5 minutes Matt Zager with 7 points, Damarius Cruz with a banked 3 and then a 3 to beat the buzzer. Those points put the Blue team up 54-50 at the break. Tom Sawatzke (Monticello) wins the 3 point shootout at the half.

Chris Halvorsen back door for a dunk to start the 2nd half and 2 more buckets in his rotation to match 2 triples from Sawatzke. Blue team 64-58 at the line change. Rodney with a triple to give Blue their biggest lead of the night 69-61 with 15:22 left. The 12:31 line change has Blue leading 74-67. Gold comes back with a 13-0 run as Martin and Towle are teamed up. Nate Wolters with 15 points in the last 8 minutes and an assist to keep Blue close. Caleb Palkert with a dunk for a 3 point play and a regular triple in a 30 second span with 4 minutes to go that were clutch. Gold wins 107-99. For the Blue team, Nate Wolters 23 and 6, Mike Muscala 16 and 11. 6 guys in double figures. For the Gold team, Cedric Martin with 18 and 4 and 5 assists Isaiah Thomas with 17 and 10. Chris Halvorsen and Damarius Cruz with 19 points each. Halvorsen with 15 in the 2nd half. 61-41 Gold on the glass with 24 offensive rebounds. 74 3s shot during this game.

In the late game, 49-44 at the half Green leads. Jordair Jett handling and breaking people down. Chris Palmer (Bethlehem) uber aggressive. Brandon Brekke (E Grand Forks) and Sam Dower all over the glass. But the Green squad gets blown up in the 2nd half as Maroon wins 107-88. 18 points for Josh Figini, 17 points, 7 boards and 3 steals for Dion Suggs. 15 and 11 for Sam Dower. They brought Sam Dower, Jordan Aaberg (Rothsay to NDSU), Mike Felt (Redwood Valley to NDSU) and Marc Sonnen off the bench. Scary. For the Green (wearing white) team, Jordair Jett 16 points and 6 assists. 15 and 8 and 4 steals for Mike Bruesewitz. Maroon shot 26-40 in the 2nd half.


  1. Thanks for being so fast... I have been looking for a site, that would give details on tonights and Tom. games... So did rodney and Josh F both move on to finals in the dunk contest or how did that work??? Can you tell me if there is a finals and when it is? Thanks again for ALWAYS being so fast and accurate!


  2. They had a dunk contest for each game with only the players from that game. So Josh and Rodney were in different contests. I loved Hale's dunk (better than Rodney's) but since he missed his 1st it was hard to deny Figini.

    FYI, I'm doing the Comets event so don't look for anything on the 2nd day of the All-Star series.

  3. Could you tell me where todays games are and who plays??? I cannot find any info on it... Thanks again


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