Friday night at the DoublePump

Whoa! I should have taken a left at Alberquerque. A snowy night in Denver with a shower of wet snow all afternoon. Fortunately the flight beat the snow in but it was real mess by the time I arrived at the hotel.

Only 1 game on my docket for the night. PNR 17s beat Streakers 60-31. PNR finished the 1st half on a 7-0- run for a 26-15 halftime lead. Mike Rostampour with 7 points in the 2nd half as PNR takes control with their defense. They struggled at the line going 7-23 (5-17 in the 1st half) and in the 1st half against the Streakers 2-3 zone.

Pump N Run Box Score
Aaron Anderson 2 points
Mike Rostampour 7 points
Dyami Starks 7 points
Kevin Noreen 13 points
Steve Tecker 10 points
Alec Brown 8 points (including a 1st half buzzer beater and a nice dunk in the 2nd half)
Carlos Emmory 8 points
Jake Kreuser 5 points

The PNR 16s also won. They had a big lead in the 2nd half before winning by 11 over Next Level. The PNR 15s were just finishing up and Net Gain may still play tonight if their flight here didn't get cancelled.

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