Saturday Night at the DoublePump

All the MN Pump N Run teams have made the quarterfinals here in Denver and the MASH unit known as Net Gain Sports looks like they were well on their way. Fun to see some of the Double Pump talent from their California teams and a top 30 kid from Texas. Best moment of the day was during a 14U game when a couple of top notch shooters from the late 80s made an appearance in the gym.

But its late late night here in Denver and departure for the 15U and 16U quarters is less than 6 hours away. I'll fill in details when I return. Simply put, 11 hours and what a day. The snow yesterday was rain today. Maybe we'll even see sunshine (and make a flight home if any of the teams make the championship game)

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  1. the 9th grade championship in av was good i belive the magic won i left a little early


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