Day 1 at the 2009 Chicago Summer Classic

Day 1 of the Chicago Summer Classic didn't have match play start until 4 PM so a very quiet day. 3 games of note on my schedule but first the best of the rest besides Rick Pitino and Todd Lickliter being here in the hotel.

43 Hoops Daniels gets a 15U win after some recent struggles.

Mpls Redhawks win 70-64, that was a 1 point game in the last minute.

MN Heat Elite lost both games.

Pump N Run 17s gave up a 17-0 run to start the 2nd half after the game was tied at the break. They closed to within 2 with 22 seconds left but couldn't get over the top vs Team Stat. No Austin Rivers or Brandon Knight in that one. They are expected here tomorrow. Andre Ingram added to the PNR roster for this tourney. Mike Rostampour out with mono so he's not here. No Jerry Robertson as he's no longer coaching this group. Since the 16s were also playing, Jerry Noreen had the reins for this one.

Funny sight with All Iowa Attack and top Iowa target Zach McCabe playing Mac Irvin Fire. Iowa coach Lickliter sitting with Ohio State coach Thad Motta. Hey Todd, look at all the players I can get (all of Mac Irvin Fire) that you can't. I'm also an occassional Hawkeye fan and when Zach McCabe is your top target vs the classes that Ohio State is bringing in, that's not good.

Game 1: 43 Hoops vs Illinois Wolves (17s)
43 Hoops with a 12 point 1st half lead that becomes 29-20 at the half. 43 Hoops then sits on 39 for a LONG time in the 2nd half and after a triple with 2:30 left, the Wolves take a 40-39 lead. Tim Lubke counters with a triple to put 43 Hoops back on top with 2:05 left. Jordan Reetz with 4 FTs in the last 35 seconds to ice the victory. 48-44 43 Hoops wins after a buzzer beater 3 by the Wolves. 10 players scored, nobody in double figures for 43 Hoops. Reetz leads the way with 9 points. Ice cold shooting for 43 Hoops as Reetz was 2-8 and Brett Ervin's summer struggles continued as he was 3-9.

Game 2: Pump N Run vs Illinois Wolves (16s)
No Jonah Travis due to a leg injury suffered at a Colorado camp. 5 straight points to end the 1st half gives the Wolves a 27-25 halftime lead. PNR cuts the Wolves lead to 5 with under 5 minutes to play and then they get 3 chances to cut into the lead and turn the ball over 3 times. Wolves hang on 51-45. Chasson Randle 18 points for the Wolves in a nice performance from a top Chicago player. Shelby Moats and Alex Richter with 12 each to lead PNR.

Game 3: 43 Hoops vs Mac Irvin Fire (16s)
Another Chicago star Sam Thompson on display for the Fire. This is fun. 43 Hoops comes out hot as they nail a handful of shots and they're out to a quick lead. They extend a 1 point lead midway through the half to 32-23 at the half. They win easily 56-49. Jameson Parsons with 12 points to lead the way. Jordan Smith with 3 more triples as finishes with 9 points.

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  1. Czar,

    What's the situation with Robertson not coaching the PNR group. Also looks like that isn't near the team it was earlier in the year. Is Emory still playing?

    Gameli went 1-1 yesterday losing to a very nice Rising Stars Gold team by 8 late last night.


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