First Day in Vegas

Day 1 results from the Adidas Super 64 and Kansas

  • 43 Hoops Harris 53-51 over 1 Tough School of Basketball
  • Net Gain Sports 74-52 over 2D1 Basketball Academy (a team that should have beaten PNR in the quarterfinals in Denver)
  • TMP 82-56 over Comets-Seevers
  • Comets-Hanson 94-84 over Kansas City Matrix (Erik Tengwall 23 pts for the Comets) and 54-53 over Abyssinian Crusaders
  • MN PNR 55-51 over Urban DFW Elite (Carlos Emory 18 pts for PNR)
  • KC PNR vs MN PNR Late

  • 43 Hoops Carr over Galveston Hornets 72-57
  • 43 Hoops Carr vs Dallas Mustangs White Late
  • Utah PNR Red 52-50 over MN PNR

  • Joe Ward All-Stars 65-53 over Net Gain, Net Gain over Urban DFW Elite 60-49 (Rogers center Michael Schreiber 24 pts)
  • MN PNR over Bowie Xpress Elite 61-39 (Will Dunn 18 pts for PNR)
  • KC PNR 60-43 over 43 Hoops, Atlanta Celtics 81-57 over 43 Hoops
In Kansas, Mpls Redhawks lose to TX Future 67-58, Taylor Hanson, Parker Hines and John Rowland 11 each.

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